Enjoy Your Life

                                                   By: Nina Mistier

If you observe life as it unfolds and try to ride it as if you are on a river, you will notice
you are never alone.  There is always a presence working with you and paying attention to
whether you truly love and appreciate your life and the people in it or not.  We tend to get
caught up in the treadmill syndrome of running as fast as we can, getting as much done as
we can, but not being present during any of those activities.  We attend family gatherings
as a requirement rather than a joy of connecting with our bloodline.  We worry about who
is judging us about our lives, when in reality we are judging ourselves.

When we live in this way, there will always be a reminder at some point to stop this
silliness and slow down.  Life is always in tune with the deepest parts of our souls.  You
never know as you are going along when life will throw a curve ball which requires all
your attention such as an illness to yourself or a loved one.

Sometimes, you have a physical accident like breaking a leg while tripping over something
or falling off a ladder while fixing something.  There are so many ways life gets your
attention.  These may seem like bad things at the time, but in retrospect you notice how
you began to slow down and pay attention to the little things.  You notice how amazing
your child is and how fast he or she is growing, you look at your parents with amazement
and love and realize they will not be here forever, you appreciate your partner or spouse
for going through this journey with you even though it may not be perfect and you revel in
the peace of the sanctuary you call home, even though it may not be as big or as perfect
as you want it to be.

When bad things happen, something wonderful and important always follows if you pay
attention.  Bad things do not happen to punish us, they happen to awaken us and make our
journeys more meaningful.  They force us to slow down, appreciate and give love, when
before we were feeling frustration and negativity.

So many people live in a way where if they had more they would be happier, but the
reality is to be happy now with whatever you have and then you may have more.  
Appreciation for what you have in your life however little is the greatest catalyst to
happiness, love and wealth.  When you rush through life striving to have more without
enjoying the journey you wake up one day and realized you missed your life.  Life is not
supposed to be a series of struggles, but the realization that we are all interconnected in
some way and the way we treat one another affects the world around us.  Be kind to
everyone you come in contact with and give love and appreciation to the people who love
you and with whom you share this journey.  Enjoy your life!

Nina Mistier is a holistic counselor, teacher, writer, yoga instructor and mother who has
practiced holistic healing in NY for twenty years.  Nina holds an M.S. degree in
Counseling Psychology, a B.S. in Psychology, and yoga certification from the Himalayan
Institute. Nina is accredited with the American Counseling Association, American
Psychological Association and the NY Mental Health Counselor’s Association.  Nina
studied with John Gray and Albert Ellis.  Nina can be reached for couples and women’s
counseling at 917-309-0179.
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