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Nyahzul Art
Born in Bogotá, Colombia.

From the inside out I explore the world and the events that are happening in this, my time. With my Art I share myself, my heart,
my journey as well as the objects and people that are part of it. I have a sentimental heart therefore this Art is my heart
exposed it translates the inaudible language of the heart but also reflects the power of the spirit, how it overcomes trial and
tribulation only to reemerge stronger.

My pieces are bittersweet romanticism. My artwork speaks of emotion because sometimes the most significant things are
unexplainable. Each piece I create evolves from a compilation of feelings - the timelessness of love, the beauty in peeling off a
scar, the overwhelming sensation of breaking in the dark, happiness, pain, and the in-betweens. They are as purposely
imperfect as life is complex.

“Solve et Coagula”
Leap into the light on a fairytale night.
2013 Oil on Wood 16"x20"
2013 Oil on Wood
2013 Mixed Media
2013 Oil on Wood
Close to my fire 2013
Oil on wood 16X20"
Without Hope, Without Fear 2012
Oil on Canvas 8"X10"
A little bit damaged
2012 Oil on Canvas  9" X 12"
2010 Oil on canvas 18" X 24"
In the corner of my heart 2010
Oil on canvas 8"X10"
Killa Bunny
2010 Oil on canvas
Show me sunset and I won't forget
2010 Oil on canvas 36"X48"
Memoria Ausente
2009 photomontage
Oil on Wood
Bogotá Summer 2013
2013 Mixed Media 9X12"
2013 Oil on Wood 8"X10
2013 Oil on Wood 9"X12"
Blurred contradiction. 2013
Oil on Wood
Why the fuck are you looking at me
2012 Oil on Canvas 12"X 14