Sculpture. A gesture frozen in time. Subtle. Overt. Becomes a language written by the sculptor, interpreted by the audience in an infinite number
of ways.

In my work I try to bring to life an emotional vibrancy through the power of the human form. I sculpt from my heart and imagination and I find I
express myself the best and am most understood through my art. My passion is to share the particular qualities that provoked my feeling of
anticipation during the molding of the plasteline or terra cotta clay.

Each of my pieces reflect my inspiration from the beginning stages and through to the finished bronze and patina. I search for a deeper reality
combining the mysterious to a world of subtleties that express beauty, through vulnerability, strength and love."

Some of my pieces incorporate drapery and clothing which were inspired by my affinity for fashion and fifteen years of being a high end apparel
designer and retailer.

"Growing up in an artistic family in Northern California"  instilled a great love of animals, nature, ocean and art. I am a daughter of a
painter/sculptor mother and a jazz musician father and the eldest of 3 sisters. I am also the Great Grand daughter of the Paramount films
composer/violinist Gerard Carbonara.

I have been an artist my entire life and am constantly humbled by the beauty and grace of the human form. I am fascinated by how each face
shares a unique lifetime of stories. To me this is true beauty.

My sculptures have been sold in a limited edition to collectors internationally. I am in the process of finishing up my current bronze sculpture
series entitled “Eternity” which will be unveiled in late March 2015 and available to collectors and Galleries internationally in bronze.
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