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Photo Artist/Actor in Japan. I love all creative activities including Photo, Drawing, Design and

1980~83 - Theater Section of Department of Art at Nihon University belongs to a lot of theatrical
companies while attending school (leave before graduation for three years school.

1984 – PARCO Produced, Shuji Terayama Mourning The First Performance, Training Play of
Language and Body ‘Casper’, appearance as an actor.

1985 – Ryudo Uzaki Produced, the movie ‘The Bloody Afternoon’, appearance as an actor.

2000~06 - It challenges a climbing mountain of the highest peak (seven countries in total) in the
world including a great mountain and Africa continental highest peak Mt. Kilimanjaro (Tanzania and
5,895m) all over Japan, and it reaches the top of a mountain.

2009 - Photograph anthology "Sujiganeiri-no-shounen (Boy of staunchness)" (Gentosha
Renaissance publication) sale on September 20.
2010 - It rises in arms original brand "One-Time Firefly" on December 21.
Osamu Jinguji
:Urban Beauty B&W - The 3rd
#076— with Nenad Ljubojevic