Cheerful, active, hectic. Pure energy.

The artist who is passionate about street art and music is Brazilian. Many people compare her work with some other
beautiful works of other artists, but they are completely different.

"We have the same inspirations: our country (Brazil), the colors, the style ... and I still mix it with what I see every day in
my city that has 80 nationalities living in it: arabesques, circles, symbols that have an essence and are not a copy. "- says
the artist.

Her art delights the walls of bars, restaurants, private apartments through unique panels created by her.

The beginning of the collection RECYCLE: In 2012 spends time in Germany and Scotland and finds in antique shops the
opportunity to give a second life to damaged paintings that were discarded and forgotten. With inspiration from the
Brazilian handcraft and "help" of the right music and her main working material - glitter paint - the artist transforms through
the explosion of colors, she dance, romanticizes, highlights and continues to present an original work.

Other materials such as spray, posca pen, glitter powder and other exciting colours complete the paintings. This year was
the winner of EXPRESS YOURSELF CONTEST and will have her art displayed at the International Art Expo.

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