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Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents Pedro
Arte In The Palace
Pedro Besugo
Asia Way
Babylons Box
Born in Setúbal, Portugal in 1971

Lives and Works in Lisboa
Drawing in Translation-Patrimonio Embaixada Portuguesa Toquio.

1991- Setarte, Setúbal;

1993- Conventual Gallery, Setúbal;

1994- Youth House Sacavém, Sacavém;

Center of Culture Youth, Barreiro;

1995- Origens, Setúbal;

2002- Musicais, Lisboa.

2003-Puzzles, 9arte Gallery, Lisboa;

2005-Lx Frame, 9 Arte Gallery, Lisboa;

2007-Unknown Places, 9 Arte Gallery, Lisboa;

2007-Single Houses, Palpura Gallery, Lisboa;

2008-Intercities, Museum Michel Giacometti, Setúbal;

2009-Shool Maps Box, 9 arte Gallery, Lisboa;

2010-Changing Machiya, of Arton Art Gallery, The exihibition is part of the 150 years Celebration Portugal-Japan Relations ,Museum of

2010-Drawings in Translation, Eye of Gyre Gallery, The exihibition is part of the 150 years Celebration Portugal-Japan Relations Tokyo-

2010-Resurrection – Miguel Costa Cabral , Oficina, Porto.


1989- II Juvenile Hall of Arts and Letters, 2nd Prize, Drawing;Barreiro

1990- Contest Design and Photography IFL, Setúbal;
1st Prize - Drawing
2nd Prize - Drawing
1st Prize - Photography
3rd Prize - Photography

1991- Medal, Criarte, Setúbal;
1st Prize for photography - Competition "Discover your land", Palmela;


1st Prize Sculpture - Sculpture Square in 2000, Lisbon City Hall.


2003- Private collection in the Museum of Telecommunications,Lisboa;

2005- Collection Garrigues – Portugal,

2006- Collection Chateau de La Rabatelière, Nante, França;

2007- Collection Hans Eksteen, Africa do Sul e Holanda;

2007- Collection Pfizer, Belgica

2008- Collection Valormed; Portugal;

2008- Collection of the Museum Michel Giacometti, Setúbal;

2008- Collection Pro Dignitate, Lisboa;

2008- Collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lisbon

2009- Banco Privado Atlântico, Lisboa;

2010- Private collection Portuguese Embassy in Japan  

His work is represented in several private collections in Portugal and abroad;


1994- Ethnic Painting Workshop – Arte y Oficina Gallery, Setúbal;

2000- Assistant at the International Symposium of Sculpture in Stone, Cantanhede;

2002- Workshop at School Only Elephants Should Wear Ivory Bangkok, Thailand,;

2003- Painting Workshop, Tsering Art School, Shechen Monastery, Katmandu, Nepal;

2004- Workshop with José Manuel Ciria in Gallery António Prates, Lisboa;
In Tokyo Hands
Lisbon In Kyoto
Lusitania Niponic House.
Red Tokyo Way
Twin City