Comic book artist living in Milan, Italy.

I’m one of the artists of JULIA, the lady criminologist created by Giancarlo Berardi, but I’ve also drawn the conclusive episode of ORFANI:
RINGO, the SF series created by Recchioni&Mammucari.

Both series are for SERGIO BONELLI EDITORE.

I also draw THOMAS SILANE, the photoreporter created by Patrice Buendia and Philippe Chanoinat for BAMBOO/GRAND ANGLE

In the past I worked on the sci-fi/fantasy series NATHAN NEVER, LEGS WEAVER, ZONA X published by SERGIO BONELLI

Sometimes I find myself working as an illustrator, which I love, for example on the noir novel “La commedia è finita” by Lorenzo Calza, or
on the short stories written by Franco Patruno.  

Most notable gallery shows showcasing my art: Biennale di Venezia (Turin 2012), Tell them stories: Origins (Mark Miller Gallery NYC

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Drawings: Cavenago, Colors: Annalisa
Leoni, Cover: De Longis.
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