Sandra Flood, is a full-time, self taught oil painter who's work has been received with enormous popularity over recent years.
Her work is primarily figurative, imbued with subtle yet compelling emotion.
She greatly admires a wide range of both contemporary and historic masters- notably: Egon Schiele; Lucian Freud; Degas; Motherwell;
Whistler; and Antonio Lopez-Garcia.

Without exception, even her most recent works reside in private collections in Zurich, Hong Kong, Greenwich, Manhattan, Princeton,
Philadelphia and Chicago.
Sandra lives in a 140 yr old house in Frenchtown NJ, on the Delaware River with her husband and three dogs.
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Sandra Flood
"Orlando" Oil On Linen "16 x "12
"The Last Night On Raven Hill" 18" x 18"
"Artemis and The Hare" Oil On Linen "20 x "20  
Bill Oil On Linen "12 x 9"
"Alis Home" "20 x 20"
"April In Black" Oil On Linen 20 x 24
"Na Sayers" Oil On Linen  24" x 36 "
"Maggies Boy" Oil On Linen 24' x  36'
"Gabby At Seven" Oil On Mylar  "9.5 x 10"
"Cornered"  Oil On Canvas "12 x 12"
Look Away Oil On Linen "12 x 12'
"You Again" Oil On Linen 18" x  18"
The Art Dealer 10" x 8"
"Ali Cat"  Oil On Linen 16" x 20"
"MOMO" Oil On Linen 12" x 12"
"Big Blue" Oil On Linen "20 x 30"
Hotel Giraffe
Hotel Elysee
The Casablanca Hotel
The Library Hotel
The Library Hotel Collection
The Library Hotel Collection