Sharon Pomales is a realist artist working  in oil and pastel.  She was born in January 3, 1970 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
At the age of seven she took drawing lessons with renowned Argentinean portrait artist Antonio Gantes, but was unable to
continue the lessons when her mother could no longer afford them.   Sharon kept studying drawing and painting with her
father, Raul Pomales-Ledee,  a watercolor artist, commercial illustrator and Art Director who worked in Advertising in San
Juan and was her mentor and teacher until he passed away in Orlando, FL in 2006.
She started exhibiting her work at the age of 11. Her first group show was at “ Convento de los Dominicos”  in Old San
Juan, Puerto Rico.   Once in college she studied painting and illustration with artists Mary Ann MacKinnon and Rafael
In 1992 at the age of 22 she had her first solo art show at Hermes  Gallery in Condado, Puerto Rico.         A few years
later she returned to college and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Sacred Heart University .
For a few years she took a break from shows while she worked in an advertising agency and raised her son. During this
period some of her paintings were sold to private collections.
She returned to painting full-time in 2007 and in July 2008 her piece “Self-portrait/heartbroken” was chosen to be part of
the prestigious 15th Annual Auction of Latin American Art in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Pomales now resides in Bay Village,
Ohio where she continues painting from her studio at home.  
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Sharon Pomales
"The Apprentice"
"Daily Ritual" pastel on Canson
"Surfacing" oil on canvas
"Homeless" oil on canvas
"Self portrait/heartbroken" oil on canvas
"Thomas my Sunshine" pastel on Canson
"Nick Fishing" pastel on Canson
I consider myself a narrative painter, a story-teller with a brush.  Color and light, movement, reflections, transparencies,
people, and nature are the foundations of my work.    
My art is a reflection of my personality and has evolved with me, it is strong yet very sensitive, it has the emotion and patience
of an old soul and the inquisitive nature of a child.
I am a very curious person so I am frequently inspired by almost everything and everybody I see.  Yet, my greatest inspiration
comes from my family who also often appear in my paintings.  I have also been greatly influenced by  great artists like Norman
Rockwell , Claudio Bravo, Charles Pfahl, Daniel E. Greene, Dalí, Degas, Georgia O'Keefe, Raul Pomales-Ledee (my father),
and a few others.