'Im a 22 year old Makeup Artist and Hair Dressing Trainee from Oslo, Norway. I live in a house with my strange and fluffy cat, I enjoy playing
Xbox with my friends, singing Disney songs and  creating new thing"

I started cosplaying in 2007, with my debut cosplay Demyx from Kingdom Hearts 2. In 2011 I represented Norway in EuroCosplay at London
MCM Expo, but these days I mostly go to conventions to cosplay with friends, host panels on special effects makeup or judge competitions. I'm
always trying to learn new things about the craftsmanship of cosplay, and I always try and get my costumes as correctly detailed as possible. I
enjoy challenging myself with costumes, but I mainly chose what characters to cosplay from the fact that I love the character.

My costumes I'm most proud of are probably Elphaba from Wicked, and Elsa from Frozen. They're the ones that have taken the most amount of
time and research, and I've put my heart and soul into them. Wearing them I feel amazing, and the feedback is always great.

Cosplaying to me is about having a creative outlet, being able to create something unique on your own, and becoming a character you love.
Nothing is more rewarding than being recognized in your cosplay, and have someone say you look like the character and that they enjoy your
costume. The cosplay community is an amazing place to be, there are so many friendly people, and there's always a chance to learn new things
and expand ones cosplay horizons. The sky is the limit, and several cosplayers around the world keep showing this repeatedly!
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Silje Danielsen
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