Sonya Palencia was born and raised in Colton, CA, and began illustrating at the age of 3. She gained acceptance at the Art Center College of
Design (Pasadena, CA) at the age of 18, and graduated with distinction with Film and Fine Art training. She immediately went work in the
film industry, and after serving 10 years in the field as a director, designer, and special effects sculptor - she made the decision to leave
Hollywood and embrace her love of Fine Art in California countryside.

She is skilled in Painting, Illustration, Photography, Sculpture and Wood Carving. Her work conjures imagery of the natural and spiritual
world, peppered with ancestral and historical folklore. She currently lives in the Los Padres National Forest on a ranch in Lockwood Valley,
CA, whom she shares with fellow artist Jeff Nentrup.

“Living in the wilderness is very humbling. Simply seeing the stars will make you feel minute. The constant observation of the natural life and
death cycle, has added a level of sacredness to everything. Never have I been so grateful for my own breath, nor have I seen so much
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Sonya palencia
The Nestling
Graphite On Stained Paper :11x x 14'
"Young Bela"
Graphite On Toned Paper '13.5 x 19'
The Nestling - Detail
'The Girl In The White Hat"
'11 x 14' Graphite On Aged Paper
"A Victorian Profile"
Graphite and Conte on '11 x 14' Antiqued paper
Oil on Panel '12 x 16'
"The Lodgepole Chipmunk"
Graphite On Paper '10 x 8'
Graphite On Paper '8 x 10'
Trees On a Saw
Oil On Metal
Graphite On Paper '16 x 20'
"Portrait Of Frankensteins Monster"
Graphite and Conte On 9 x 12 Antiqued paper
"Queen Elizabeth"
Wood Carved Marionette
"Queen Elizabeth"
Wood Carved Marionette
Piano Keys Buckle
Carved In Cherrywood
"The Countess"
'9 x 12' Oil On Panel
"Hunter Of The High Seas"
9 x 12 Oil On Panel
Baby Of Yorkshire
8 x 10 Oil On Panel
The Blue Fairy and Child
Wood Carving
Royal Pet Portraits