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Rastafari!! security stepped to up and whispered  to me this word as if it was the password and my response would
determine how the rest of of my evening would turn out, I could feel what he was saying deep in my soul as the
heavy beat hypnotized me. This past Sunday night I was feeling adventurous after spending some time with some
beautiful artists on the lower East Side Of Manhattan.

We had just left a series of art openings on Sunday Eve, on Orchard Street. We decided to head over to a nearby
bar called LOLA's and discussed many new ideas of photography art and commerce.
Being a Sunday the girls had to leave early and get home to rest for an early Monday morning work day.  
Afterwards  I strolled through the mainly empty streets of downtown Manhattan  with my thoughts a whirling around
in my head, feeling good and looking Urban I ended up in front of Sutra at 16 First Avenue, not completely sure how
I got there after  a walking dream state,  I saw the famous red carpet laid out with velvet ropes and party people
waiting in line for which seemed to be a spirited event. I could feel the spiritual sound every time the door opened to
escort another group of beautiful women inside,  I decided to step in and have a look for myself.
The Reggae music immediately took me over   - there is nothing like the sound of a good mix of old school reggae
music when pumped through a hi end club sound system.

I stepped up to the bar and ordered a rum and coke to add to my current  state of euphoria, and walked through the
crowd slowly as If i was invited to this event by some greater power. I met a girl named Hazel and her husband and
they graciously brought  me into their private event within this private event. The crowd seemed to be mostly
Jamaican,  Haitian, and Guyanese and at the moment I was the only Caucasian in the house for the evening except
for one peace loving white woman who seemed to be deeply enjoying the Reggae groove even more than I was.

New York is real and if your in  - well then your in - and if your not there is usually an obvious sign that you may be
overstaying your welcome. Luckily I have the universal all access pass to all events of all cultures which they give
you if have the pleasure of being a real New Yorker (By the way being a real New Yorker is  State Of Mind and
Passes are readily given to those who leave the baggage at home in the closet).

Either way no matter how you look at it,  look into having your party with friends here at Sutra.
The interior design layout is more than pleasing the custom bar and drink menu is sure to satisfy and the many
theme based music nights will blow your boots off for sure.

Check the schedule on the website and get over to this club as there may be magic awaiting your arrival.