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This is a three part Program for advertisers
1. Our first printed collectors edition  in an edition of  10,000 copies
2. Our Online program where we reach 5,000 to 10,000 readers a week
3. Mobile Devices where we will send the printed book to over 10,000 mobile devices.       
In the past four years The New York Optimist On line Magazine has grown at a fairly rapid rate and we continue to reach  a large growing audience
every week.

We have decided to print our first collectors edition in 10,000 copies
We refer to it as a book not a magazine because the pages and the cover will consist of a heavy stock high gloss quality 150 pound paper.

With a combination of mediums a printed product, an on line product Mobile Devices and other products to follow. The website www. is still in the process of making many changes to a more dynamic website with user features that we are currently not using.
Up to now it has served its purpose getting up to 25,000 readers a week with over 110,000 hits weekly. We continue to grow every week and
with these added mediums we will probably grow faster than ever.
Between print the website and Mobile Devices we create effective products for an ever growing audience.      

This is just a rough sketch of the book we used blurb as this website gives a good feeling of how the book will
look in print you will find a mock up of an ad we did for you in the book  
Fonts will change and design elements will be added to the pages but this  prototype is close to the feeling of
how the book will look in print.  

Distribution: Our plan is to distribute the magazine to an affluent audience.
We will do this by keeping distribution of the book to these key locations. Ebook: We will be working with two companies to send the first
collectors edition out to thousands of mobile devices.
In Print:
Boutique Hotels
The W Hotel – several of its locations in ManhattanThe Soho GrandTribeca GrandThe Mercer HotelThe Carlyle
The Plaza Hotel The Library HotelHotel GiraffeThe Muse Hotel(This hotel distribution list continues to grow)
Street team distribution (our street teams will consist of Optimistically dressed young men and women handing out the magazine to a handpicked
audience of professional New Yorkers in these key locations)
Schools NYU - Columbia, Pratt, SVA, FIT, Cooper Union and others
Upscale Borough distribution
Long Island City - Queens
Park Slope
Brooklyn Heights

The Museum Of Modern Art
The Whitney
The New Museum
The Guggenheim
The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
With strategic street team locations in Chelsea, Wall street, Upper East and West Side, Midtown, Tribeca, West Village,
Rockefeller Center and many more locations are being
added as we approach the print date.

Website Info for the on line product
Here is what Alexa The number one website ranking site has to say about us.

Based on Internet averages, is visited
more frequently by females who are in the age range 25-34 -54, ,
are college educated and browse this site from work   has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 400,000 - 536,777.
and 60,000 - 102,138 in the United States  the numbers fluctuate weekly but always stay between the numbers listed here and we continue to grow
The time spent in a typical visit to the site is approximately fourteen minutes, with 60 seconds spent on each page view.
Approximately 5% of visits to this site are referred by search engines, and the site is located in the US.

Our Renewal rate with advertisers is 98%.
Clients renew with us because the advertising works.
With  10,000  - 20,000 readers a week and growing we get results for advertisers in
a non clutter environment focusing on your advertising message.
We also send your message out to our fan bases on Facebook, Twitter, and many other networking sites.
If your on Facebook friend me there to get an idea of how we do this!/profile.php?id=1352501219
Here is our archived listing of all editions since our conception

John Sebastian
PH: 347-578-7461