Comrade-in-Art, “Dolls” September 2000.
“Baeva’s joy in her work and her talents have made her a natural magnet for admirers both in her homeland and abroad, particularly in the
United States where she was accepted into membership in the prestigious National Institute of American Doll Artists (NIADA). Some view her
as an unofficial ambassador for the small but emerging group of Russian doll artists.”
Nayda Rondon, editor.

“Tatiana creates dolls that represent a distinctively Russian culture both in costuming and subject matter. Her pieces are serious, intense or
Deborah Hellman, Dolls Etcetera Ltd.

Professional associations:
1990 – Professional Artists Committee, Moscow Russia
1995 – International Federation of artists Moscow Russia
1999 – Member of NIADA (National Institute of American Doll Artist)
2005 – Member of Moscow Union of Artists
2009 – Chairman of “Association of Doll Artists” Moscow

1992 – 2nd Place Award, 10th Anniversary Convention of the Global Doll Society Convention, Koln, Germany
1993 – Third place Award, Collage of Quilts II, North Salem, USA
2003 – Diploma “For Personal touch”, Egoist magazine, Moscow
2005 – First recipient of “Mega Star” award for professional achievement, International Doll Salon, Moscow
2007 – Annual juried Award,, Moscow
2008 – Diploma “For Outstanding Contribution to Doll Art in Russia”, OFIR, Moscow
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tatiana Baeva
My light  my mirror
Лаура, 1999
Laura, 1999
Photo - Maxim Poluboyarinov
Fabia, 2012
Photo - Kirill Baev
Cora, 2010
Photo - Kirill Baev
Akiko, 2006
Photo - Maxim Poluboyarinov
Gregory, 2009
Photo - Maxim Poluboyarinov
Rowen, 2008
Photo - Maxim Poluboyarinov
Colett, 2007
Photo - Maxim Poluboyarinov
Gloria, 2009
Photo - Maxim Poluboyarinov
Cora, 2010
Photo - Kirill Baev
Rowen, 2008
Photo - Maxim Poluboyarinov
Ann, 2008
Photo - Tatiana Baeva
Shawl, 2012
Photo - Tatiana Baeva
Hotel Giraffe
Hotel Elysee
The Casablanca Hotel
The Library Hotel
The Library Hotel Collection
The Library Hotel Collection
Lolli, 2005
Photo - Jerry Anthony
Edge, 2000
Photo - Vladimir Clavijo