Taz Poltorak is an artist and custom graphics designer based in West Yorkshire, UK. Taz has studied art at the St.Petersburg State
University of Culture and Arts in Russia and the automotive process of painting at the Kirklees College in the UK.

Taz paints on many types of surfaces, including metals, plastics as well as more traditional boards and canvasses.  The examples in the
galleries include paintings done on computer panels, skateboards, laptops, vehicles etc. Such work is possible to achieve on various other
surfaces. Main influences are bio-mechanoid, steampunk, surrealism and fantasy, however, any design is considered depending on the
customer’s requirements. Please Contact for more information.

Usually all the work is carried out in Taz’s studio.  Any pieces that require the
automotive process are done in a controlled industrial environment.
Smaller pieces can be posted, however, a vehicle would have to be driven to Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK.  Please note both delivery and
collection is undertaken by the client as the artist will not accept responsibility for any damage during the delivery or collection.
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Taz Poltorak
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The Library Hotel Collection
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