Vicki Babb is an artist who paints in a contemporary representational style. She lives in Tennessee, and her artwork - both paintings and murals
- are in collections from Washington DC to Australia. Vicki paints primarily in oils, charcoal and graphite.

She studied at the Corcoran College of Art, and the Kansas City Art Institute, and continues to study under nationally known artists by attending
classes and workshops across the US. She is a member of the American Portrait Society, and the Memphis and Germantown Art League.
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Vicki Babb
Welcome to Miss Ollie's
Oll on Canvas - 24 x 18
Oil on panel - 24 x 18
Vintage Girl
Oil on panel - 14 x 11 (SOLD Private Collection
Goodbye Girl
Oil on canvas - 14 x 11
Stella - You're on in Five!
Oil on Canvas - 30 x 24
Gatsby Girl
Oil on canvas - 8 x 10 (SOLD Private Collection
Study of Girl with Scarf
Oil on Panel - 20 x16
Down at the In & Out
Oil on Panel - 8 x 10 (SOLD Private Collection)
Down Box Road
Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20
Oil on Canvas 14 x 11 (Private Collection)