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True Art Is For Rebels
Vittorio Ottaviani
The focus of my artwork is the revelation of human personality, as
depicted through intricate facial expressions and gestures as well as
the conspicuous conditions of life. My love for body language and
narrative permits me to be a painter of character and the use of
darkness is intended to highlight the drama of the scene.
As an Italian artist educated in both the traditional and modern
styles, I use classical oil techniques of glazes over
gesso-prepared wood to execute my artworks. My mind works
skillfully to measure color & composition as well as the delicacy
of the human psyche. I challenge my style with attention to the
To promote my work, I use guerrilla marketing
techniques.  The objective is to target people in
unexpected public places with my artworks and attempt to
communicate with them about socially relevant themes.  
This unique and alternative approach is rooted in the DIY
counter culture but it has also taken cues from popular
culture and commercial marketing.
My main purpose is to extricate deep
themes from the everyday episode, and to
return them to the living world through my
paintings. I like to question the existing
environment. I strive to make sense of life,
for after all, it was the great philosophers’
need to understand the basis of this world
that opened the way to what we call art

Vittorio Ottaviani