Von Sel, Portrait, fine art, story, nude and fashion photographer and digital artist from Croatia,
live on relation Germany-Croatia
Commercial aspects: post process and retouch, portrait, product, interior, fine art, CD covers, model book, fashion and beauty.
Oriented style surrealism and fantasy with emotions and stories.

Work between photography and classical art. " I love when photos say something and I'm trying to give purpose and story to all my works. I make
photos how I like regardless of the trends and fashion.( When it is possible)  I don't have specific order of processing images. I work with them
until they become visually completed and looks finished. „
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Von Sel
A Tout Prix
Models: Irma and Aldijana
Icarus Online Alter Ego
Model & styling: Stasa S Photo edit by: Igor Voloshin — with Staša
Model:  Alina
The Search For The Human Being Will be Continued
Models: Doris Vrecko, Polina Goluveba
Merry Christmas
Once Upon A Time In Elysia
Model: Maja Curavic
Model: Ida
At The Time Of Vultures
Models: Danijela & Korina
Hello Mr. Jack
Models: Danijela, Ivana, Irma
Im Not Hungry
Technique: Watercolor on paper  Size: A3
Model: Romana
The Creation
Between Poses
Model: Esther