She was born at the foot of the Italian Alps in the small town of Ivrea. Since when Ylenia was little,  she has had a significant
interest in art. Every spare moment she had was dedicated to drawing or painting.

During childhood she attended classes with an extraordinary Egyptian painter who specialized in oil painting. In the following
years Ylenia also concentrated on classical studies such as Ancient Greek, Latin, Philosophy and History of Arts and graduated  
with a classical diploma. During this same time she developed a great passion for dance, acting, and singing.

In March 2011 Ylenia debuted as a solo artist at the International Artexpo, New York. In the following year she exhibited
world-wide in such places as Innsbruck in Austria, London, Italy, California and again in New York.

She  collaborated with the Lali Roberts Gallery in San Francisco and also with the New York online press "T.S. Every Day
Poems".  She is listed as an artist on the website Art World Her paintings have also been featured in the
magazine  i-Italy.

Because she  believes in helping, encouraging and supporting people, Ylenia supports different charities, fundraising and causes,
such as The Value of a Smile in Tanzania, Africa. She hopes this support will help to improve their life conditions,  give them a
chance to develop their full potential and to reach their destiny in their society. As well  Ylenia desires that the creativity  inside
each person  would be set free.  
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ylenia mino
Pink Sunset, Oil On Canvas 40 x 50 CM
Comissioned Artwok, Oil On Canvas 50 x 70 CM
Summer Dream, Oil On Juta Canvas 40 x 50 CM
The Sound Of Freedom
Grabbing a Piece Of Sky
Trust, Oil On Canvas '18 x 24" 2012
Jerualem, Oil On Canvas
Undergirded, Oil On Canvas '24 x 18' 2012
Showing The Way, Oil On Canvas, '24 x 18' 2012
Passion Oil on Canvas 50 x 70 CM
Waves II Edition , Oil On Canvas 60 x 80 CM
Morning Wind, Palette Knife Oil On Canvas 30 x 40 CM
The Heart Of The Forest , Oil On Canvas 40 x 50 CM
San Gimignano (Tuscany) Oil On Canvas 60 x 80 CM