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Born is Alice Springs in Central Australia, the 4th son of six kids, with a politician
father of Italian descent and an Irish mother, Luc was never going to be shy and

Luc's formative years found him indulging in many outdoor pursuits - one of those being falling
down Ayers Rock, whilst on a camping holiday!  After that he took to occasionally falling off
of slightly smaller things - he took up horse riding.  Luc shone at this sport and represented the
Northern Territory at the age of 14.  He continued to compete in show jumping at a higher level
over the next few years.

Luc's first job of selling windmills in Alice Springs, lead him to decide to pursue something a
little more long term and moved to Adelaide to study Chiropractic.  However, Luc only
completed 2 years of his 6 years course; as he changed again to follow his real love; music.

Having always had enforced upon Luc since childhood that he must get a 'proper job' and that
music could only ever be a hobby; his parents heard him sing at his sister's wedding and were
reduced to tears; realising what a talent they were denying.

Luc financed his university studies through his other love, horses, by working at a local show
jumping stud farm, morning and evenings.

Luc moved to England to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician and first
stayed in Newcastle with his sister and her English husband.  A major career in music did not
fall at his feet immediately, it took until day five, when Luc was overheard singing through an
open window by a film director who was looking for music for his next film,  He convinced
Luc that he had to move London to get anywhere in the Music Business, so after 6 months of
commuting to London he packed his bags and headed south.

Having arrived in London with nowhere to stay and no friends, Luc took a chance and called
someone who had given him their number, when they had heard him singing at another
wedding in Australia.  She was organising a major charity event," Walk The Walk", a breast
cancer event in Battersea Park; and she asked Luc to sing there, in front of 25.000 people.  
Somewhat of a baptism of fire, as Luc's previous audiences, mainly at weddings, had been
more like 250,  They were so delighted with Luc's performance, they asked him if he could
write a single for them and this track entitled Walk In To Our Day was given to the 25000
women to train to the following year.

Once in London, Luc started making contacts within the music business. One of these was
Nettie Batton composer and vocal coach to some of the most renowned voices in the industry.
Luc wrote a song called "Superheroes with Nettie, for boy soprano Dominic Burnes, who
performed the track at the Royal Albert Hall, Silverstone and at the opening of The Special
Needs Olympics. Dominic recorded the track with  full symphony Orchestra and it was
released on Indigo Records.

Luc's varied musical styles enable him to work with many different artists/co-writers, from
dance, to Jazz.

Luc teamed up with Soul Diva Angie Brown to co-write, and sing a duet "Taboo," on the dance
label Point 4. "Taboo" topped the dance charts and was on 10 ten radio play lists around the

In 2006 Luc was asked asked to be a patron of the Save the Amazon Rainforest Organisation,
STARO to which he wrote and recorded the single "Breathe." With the charity,  Luc did a
schools tour across the UK and Australia talking about the environment and singing the song.
After a TV interview on channel 7 in Australia the station approached Luc to use the song as
their theme tune.

Luc has played at UK venues like Glastonbury, Cafe de Paris, China Whites, Hyde Park and
The Royal Festival Hall to name just a few.

Luc is also becoming known as a writer with collaborations with Marcella Detroit, music
legend Barry Mason, British soul star Ola, Mitch Ogugua (MI7- NME single of the week) and
Phil Cebrano to name a few.

Luc has sang and appeared alongside Marcella Detroit, Angie Brown, Lifford from Artful
Dodger, DJ Paul Simmons, SuperFly, Joseph Washbourne from Top loader, Glenn Matlock
from the Sex Pistols, Darren Hayes, Jamilia, Chris Difford from Squeeze, Russell Brand,
Chazany Lewis, Kim Mazelle, John Themis and Nate James.

"Breathe" features a 16 piece gospel choir and was produced by Kit Woolven (who's worked
with David Bowie, Dave Gilmour, Thin Lizzy)  

Latest News

Luc has just accepted the role to be Global Ambassador of the Prince Rainforest Project! LUC's
RAINFORESTS PROJECT," 2009 and will commence a worldwide Internet tour to help
promote this worthwhile course.

Luc recently sang to support the "International Variety Club Awards," with the legendary Tony
Hatch. He opened a concert featuring the legendary Jack Bruce of Cream.

Luc signs single "Breathe" to Channel 7 Australia as theme tune for Today Tonight.

Luc tours schools in the UK talking about the environment and what every person can do to

Lucs single "Shackled," signs as theme tune for the new movie starring Janet Suzman, Fenella
Fielding, Peter Otool, Christopher Biggins and Simon Callow.

Luc has just finished filming 'Dangerous To Know' - a ghost story based around the life of
Byron directed by Graham Roos. Filmed at various locations throughout the UK, to be screened
later this year. The movie has Luc play a troubled rock star with a strong connection to Lord

Luc Co writes theme tune for Euro Pride with Angie Brown, Andy Alder and Stewart Who?
Produced by the amazing Wayne G.

Luc has been cast in the movie 'Dangerous To Know' - a ghost story based around the life of
Byron starring Fenella Fielding, Janet Suzman, directed by Graham Roos. Currently being
filmed at various locations throughout the UK, to be screened later this year. The movie will
also feature some of Luc's songs.
"Kaliopy Presents Luc Floreani"