A Bicycle Ride In The Park
By John Sebastian

A few weeks back I was out for my nightly bicycle ride
through the parks and winding paths that
surround the Narrows area of Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Its a
scenic wonderland with the ocean so close and the
monumental presence of the Verrazano bridge towering and
stretching 4,260 feet to join Brooklyn and Staten Island.
The summer is over at this point and the weather was perfect
for the most part.
As I rode to the Pier located on 69th street off Shore Road to
see the perfect view of Manhattan
and the Statue of Liberty there was calm in the air that
created a peaceful feeling for the people who walked by with
their children in strollers
and the fisherman anticipating the ringing bell and a tug on the
line of their fishing poles indicating a bluefish dinner or
possibly a striped bass but more likely would be a sand shark
or a skate the bigger tastier fish are much to smart to be
caught on a regular basis.
As I rode away from the pier towards the parks that line
Shore Road I had a feeling like the day may have some
unexpected and pleasant surprises in store for me.
The first park I came upon had a black steel gate with some
decorative iron work and the doors were wide open inviting
me in, I could smell the flowers and trees and came upon a
huge circular
grass field. It was around 5:30 PM and soon the sunset
would mesmerize all the lovers and family's
that come  down to the Parks and paths that overlook the
I came across a beautiful girl as I was about to ride through
this first park she was getting ready to perform for all the
people who lived in the area and a large group of her fans
who probably follow her to every show she does. She
introduced herself, hello I am Sonia Montez and I will be
performing here tonight for the good people of Bay Ridge and
that I should join the fun and was welcome. Her voice was
sweet and her energy was beautiful so I told her that I would
be back
for sure to see her show. I am so happy I came across this
opportunity because the show was so much more than I
expected. With original songs like Willow Leaves, a dreamy
folksy acoustic masterpiece that makes me disappear
completely as I listen to it while writing this article.
Her music is diverse soulful and clever weaving rich and
textured chords and base lines with profound and poetic
lyrics that touch the heart and lift the spirit.
Sonia's music makes one feel like anything is possible and
that the world is full of Optimism.
I highly recommend Sonia Montez as part of your music
collection so visit her my space page with the link here in the
feature and enjoy, thank you Sonia and Radian records for
giving the world such a unique and beautiful musical gift.
Questions about Sonia Montez please contact the publisher:
Miss You @ Woozyfly

Lemurs and other Madagascan animals. The
color green. SnaFooz puzzle blocks. Idioms,
onomatopoeias, alliterations. Noble and brave
Platypi nation who have the courage to be the
ultimate freaks of nature. Yank yellow yams
and young yaks.

Band Members
On The Album:
Sonia Montez - Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Mireya Ramos - Violin
Gabe Cummins - Lead Guitar
Mark Kelley - Bass
David Andrew Moore - Drums, Percussion,
Shaky thingies and stuff like that.

Live: Those mentioned above as well as
bassist Dan Asher, cellist Jillian, and an array
of percussionists and drummers varying
from Barry Rubin to Phoenix Rivera (yeah,
go ahead and google that dude...but make
sure you have an hour or two)  
The New York Optimist
December 2008
Sonia Montez
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