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Nestled right on the corner of  101 street and Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge Brooklyn just steps away from the  Verrazano  Bridge and
promenade by the ocean, 101 Restaurant and Lounge was the last destination we had the opportunity to sample on our tour of  Bay Ridge
restaurants and lounges.  
This neighborhood is one of the best in the Burroughs for fine dining casual lounging
and of course pizza and just about any other food you could possibly imagine.

Mainly known as an Italian restaurant it reminds me more of well designed boutique restaurant that you might find in the West Village in
Manhattan, although the crowd is definitely a mix of people from Brooklyn, Staten Island and New Jersey.
The summer of 2012 had just come to a close and I wound up my tour of Bay Ridge with a bike ride along the water underneath the
Verrazano Bridge headed back home I walked by 101's and decided to stop in for a bite.

I met with Artie  a young good looking gentleman with an obvious flare for restaurant management and people skills.
Although extremely accommodating he was busy as this was the last night he was working at the restaurant before a long trip
to Dallas to visit family and friends. The place was jumping and the fragrance of grilled seafood and other delicacy's flowed through the
spacious large restaurant like a melody to a memorable song.

The food was fantastic and I started with a jumbo shrimp cocktail partnered with a ice cold amber beer.
Looking around at all the fancy eye candy, vintage custom cars and motorcycles parked outside lining both 101st street and 4th avenue I
had  the perfect view overlooking the outdoor dining tables and seats.

The shrimp cocktail was fresh cold and delicious and was followed by a house salad with a vinaigrette that may have been the best that I
have tasted since I dined at the Cupping Room in Soho.
Have you ever tasted a vinaigrete so fine the combination dazzled and confused you as to its ingredients?
If you have then you know what I am talking about but either way 101's is the worth the trip just for the house salad alone
but the menu here offers so much more.  

The entree was a seafood bouillabaisse Italian style mussels, shrimp, scallops with a side of linguini al dente.
Add a group of diners that looked more like a model casting call than a normal restaurant filled with your average diners,
and you have the makings of a unique and exciting dining experience overlooking the inlet to the  Atlantic Ocean under the Towering arches
of the Verrazano Bridge   in Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

PS: Have a look at the menu there are  so many unexplored dishes that I just cant wait to head back to 101's for
Restaurant 101
10018 4th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11209
(718) 833-1313