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Alex Yatskevich

Alexander Yatskevich is a painter and an illustrator who lives and works in Moscow.
Was born in 1952 near Arkhangelsk where his father, sent from Moscow after reprisals of 1937, was living at that

Alexander received professional education at Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry through
1973 to 1978. Studiet painting, drawing, sculpture, porcelain, book illustration. Member of the Creative Union of
Professional Artists.

Winner of the "Interpresskon" award, 1998.
Awards premium "Literature newspaper", 1986.
Awarded by “Eksmo” Gold sign, 2005.

For a long time has been engaged in book illustration. Has issued and illustrated over thousand books. Among
the most interesting are « The Flowers of Evil» by C. Baudelaire, O. Khayyam "Rubajjat", books by H. C.
Andersen, James Fenimore Cooper, C. Perrault, H. Barbusse, John Le Carre, M. Gorky, Leo Tolstoy, Garrison,
Heinlein, Michael John Moorcock, Haggard, William Peter Blatty.

During the last years has taken a great interest in painting - many ideas do not fit within book frameworks, and
thoughts on life are to be materialised.

I profess painting of associations, grotesques, paradoxes, imaginations, impressions, aphorisms. Basically they
are executed in an original sharp original sharp, nervous, bright, free and wide manner. (Modestly)
And in general: my painting is intentionally written so that nobody can agree with me completely.

Participated in the Russian and foreign exhibitions.:
Participated in the Russian and foreign exhibitions.:
1983-1984 Group exhibitions on Small Georgian. Russia. Moscow
1989 17.11-03.12. The world philatelic exhibition "Ekspo-89" of the USA, Washington. Presentation of the series
devoted to James Fenimore Cooper
1993 the Exhibition in the State Russian children's Library. Russia. Moscow.
1993 a miniature Exhibition. Republic Tanzania
1994 14.08-24.08. A miniature exhibition. Republic Madagascar, Antananarivo.
1994-1995 Group exhibitions. Russia. Moscow.
2008 the Group exhibition. Russia. S.-Petersburgh.
2008 10.07-24.07. Group exhibition CUOPA. Russia. Sochi.
2008 26.08-29.08. "Flowers man-made". Russia, Moscow. A historical museum.
2008 11.10-21.10. An exhibition «Festival of Russian art». Monaco, Monaco.

Paintings and graphic works are stored in private and corporate meetings of Russia, Germany, Bulgaria,
Romania, Monaco, Israel, Canada, Republic China, Republic Tanzania, Republic Madagascar, M.Gorky literary
museum in Moscow.
Alex Yatskevich