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In the sleepy little town of Lumberville ,PA, and along the beautifully scenic Delaware river, lies an historic find, The Black
Bass Hotel.
This handsome Victorian building and its surrounding foliage reminded me of a Macy's Christmas window display
with all the small town splendor you might find in a Frank Capra film. Dreamy, comfortable and inviting, The Black Bass Hotel
cast a magic spell on my guest and I.

Billy, our host for the evening, shared some of the hotel's rich history with us.   Built in 1740, The Black Bass Hotel has hosted
presidents like Grover Cleveland.  On his way down the Delaware River, George Washington sought refuge at the Black Bass
and was refused because the hotel's owners at the time were British loyalists. I suppose it didn't bode well that George was
leading the American revolution. (Sorry Georgie you missed out on some good cooking and lodging!)  

A few centuries later, and after a number of catastrophic floods and fires, the Thompson family generously stepped in to
restore and renovate The Black Bass Hotel to what it is today- one of Bucks County's most majestic vacation getaways..
Adding to it's splendor, the hotel houses an impressive selection of artwork, antique furniture and one of this country's largest
collections of British Royalty collectibles and memorabilia.

The Black Bass Hotel's executive chef, John Barrett,  has curated a tasty, traditional American-style menu with Creole and
Mediterranean touches. We started with three appetizers: golden and red beet salad with locally farmed Blue Moon micro
greens and caramelized onions, salt and peppered crispy squid with shallot, garlic and pepper crackings, and chilled lobster
and lump crabmeat cocktail in a passion fruit dressing with mango pineapple and sliced avocado

Sitting on the deck outdoors, we sipped tall chilled glasses of Sauvignon Blanc as the lazy Delaware river weaved its way past
us and the soft light of dusk slowly turned into a cool and breezy evening. (Moments like these make me very happy to be a

For entrees, I tried the Carribbean lobster bouillabaisse--a whole Maine lobster with mussels, cockles and jumbo shrimp--
served in a coconut milk broth with lemon grass and saffron. As our delightful server, Mary, brought my dish over; I was
captivated by the smell of the broth. That aroma was enough to have made this trip worth it, but the taste of this dish made me
start to think of moving to Lumberville

My guest had the Red Snapper a la Veracruzana, with mini tostadas and avocado pearls. Based on her enthusiastic burst of
chitter chatter I can only assume that she was enjoying her dish just as much as I was. We capped off our outstanding meal
with a decadent chocolate chip bread pudding with homemade dulce de leche ice cream.

After dinner, Billy kindly took us on a tour of the hotel. We walked inside, past the huge windows looking out onto the Delaware
and through the private dining room area with its original stone walls and fireplace. We then went upstairs to have a gander at
the nine suites designed by Laura Barnes.  The Black Bass Hotel has spared no expense in bringing country inn travel to its
highest form.  Each room came with its own personality and with all the modern conveniences that today's traveler expects--the
"spa style" bathrooms, flat screen TVs, Wi Fi. You could feel the cozy comfort coming from the rich woods, soft leather chairs
and couches.

Here's an Optimistic suggestion: pack your bags and take off for a long weekend to Bucks County's, Black Bass Hotel, a
luxurious American-style retreat you won't soon forget.

The Black Bass Hotel is also available for weddings, special occasions and corporate events.  
The Black Bass Hotel
Black Bass Hotel 3774 River Road | Lumberville, PA 18933
215.297.9260 |