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Have you ever had one of those nights where everything just seemed to work out perfectly.
A few weeks back I was lucky enough to get a recommendation from a good friend who lives in Manhattan and prides herself on knowing the best
places to find the perfect cuisine all over town.
So naturally when she recommended that I try to write something about Brio restaurant the home of famous chef Massimo Carbone I jumped at the
opportunity to do so.
I met her on the Upper East Side on the corner of 61st and Lexington just as the cooler October weather was a welcome change to the more
strange and unpredictable weather conditions of the end of the summer.

Besides the fall has always been my favorite time of year with crisp fresh air and beautiful Lunar scapes in the clear unclouded skies there couldn't
have been a better setting to dine at Brio
We met with Carlo Scoditti the Manger and in a sharp Italian Accent and lovely smile he said follow me.
The front area resembles more of a café then restaurant but a few steps down the hall is a chic dining room which set the stage for an intimate
dining experience.
Carlo was courteous and quick to recommend a house red to start things off.
Massimo then appeared shortly after and asked if there was anything that we would like to start off with.
I mentioned that I would leave it up to him but that the lobster Vellutata sounded like a nice start.
He didn't say much else but smiled and said i will have them bring you an assortment of a few different dishes that i hope you like. Also in a Italian
accent that made me feel like I was somewhere in Northern  Italy at the home of an eccentric artists house. After a few sips of wine and some soft
conversation a waiter brought the Lobster which was my favorite dish. It came in a smoky flavored broth with Fisherman's toast accentuating the
flavors of both the lobster and the soup.

Next was a pasta dish which was rich in flavor  and texture Parmigiano - reggiano "perline" with white truffle butter sauce, prosciutto chips, and
asparagus tips. Of course after the first two dishes we were satiated but that did not stop  my guest and I from anticipating what his next surprise
might be. Risotto - served with seared jumbo sea scallops and shitake mushrooms and finally we finished with a Pesce "Orata" grilled
Mediterranean sea bream, fava bean risotto, and grilled Roma tomatoes. Exquisite and after a meal this delicious we decided to skip desert have a
few espressos and digest this filling meal and enjoy the atmospehere. Unfortunately we were unable to partake in the pizza which Brio on the upper
east side is also famous for, did I mention that Brio is located next to another famous restaurant which we also had the pleasure of reviewing.
Burke's  Fishtail, and it turns out that Brio happens to be one of David's favorite places to have pizza and I quote him

“My favorite under-the-radar restaurant hands down is Brio. Brio is a neighborhood gem and consistently excellent. Their clientele is
great, their team is humble and the atmosphere is amazing! I always enjoy dining in their high-end bar or sitting al fresco. Chef Massimo
Carbone is outstanding, "the best pizza in NYC "       
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