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What if your favorite designer, art dealer,
and master chef opened a restaurant?
Falai NYC in Soho is exactly this kind of a restaurant!
White – everything is white the walls the bar the floors even the mirrors
are framed in art deco white designs.

The perfect backdrop for the colorful diners at Falai NYC.
The scent of finely prepared food is like no other experience.
It sparks the imagination the appetite and sends one adrift
To try to create the perfect romantic and magical evening.
265 Lafayette Street
new york ny 10012
Once again Soho continues to thrill me with its eclectic art infused
selection of unique clothing boutiques, rare furniture shops, restaurants
and art gallery's.
It has always been my favorite neighborhood in Manhattan and in my opinion it is still the coolest part of
town, forget Chelsea too far West -  lower East Side well
Over the past ten years that neighborhood has been growing and building itself into
A place that is also known for the arts and fine dining and specialized boutique shops a far cry from the
Mohawks and Punk rocker Junkies from the eighties although that crowd still seems to be thriving but
morphing more towards a refined and cleaner version of what the Lower East Side used to be.

I must have walked hastily down Lafayette st a million time over the past ten years but recently after
several months of not visiting this part of town

I noticed  two brand new restaurants – Cafeteria
on the corner of Prince and Lafayette and two doors down Café Falai, after seeing the busy highly stylized
crowd dining drinking and having a good time I just had to go in and have dinner.
I decided to treat a prospective investor to this fine dining treat in hopes it would help
Influence a positive reaction towards funding more to come on that subject in my new book how to
manipulate people with money – just kidding.

In all seriousness though this restaurant is tightly put together
with its artsy approach towards clean and sleek interior design aspects
to its to die for menu of casual Italian fine dining selections.

Iacopo Falai is no stranger to what makes the people of this smart and intense city happy when it comes to
being aesthetically pleased both in visual splendor
and satisfying our diverse appetites.

After being voted the best chef by The James Beard Foundation and winning countless awards and
accolades by the media Falai has created the perfect (business) casual, leaning more towards the casual
with great taste and style type of atmosphere.
We started with cocktails at the busy bar and there were was a  candy coated selection of pretty men and
women  conversing coalescing and cavorting.

The music set the perfect loungy backdrop to the beginning of this little adventure.
Then it was time for dinner we were brought to the table by the lovely Lidia a petite sweet and courteous
woman who - once again this is Soho – a much more friendly feeling down to earth neighborhood,
pretension does exist here but is more predominant amongst those who haven’t quite achieved their goals
and believe that by being pretentious they may be getting closer.

First on the list – Antipasti – appetizers, we both decided on the

POLIPO: Baby Octopus with Fingering Potatoes Fried Capers Smoked
Paprika and Black Squid Ink
Delicious tender  - I love octopus always have. My family has been making it in a red fresh tomato sauce for
as long as I can remember usually paired with calamari in the sauce and often around Christmas when
seafood is key.    

Next was the pasta part of the meal.

GNUDI: Iacopo Falias signature spinach ricotta dumplings, in a light brown butter sage sauce, and
parmigiana. This was served with a bottle of Pecorino, Terre di Cheti, 2010
A chilled white wine that charged the taste buds and
complimented the different palettes of this meal.

It is a filling dish and its served in healthy proportions so I shared it with my guest and the two beautiful
women that were in town visiting from Chicago sitting next to us. The wine was so tasty and refreshing I
decide to get another bottle and share it with the two lovelies as well.
My Secondi (Entrée) I chose the Vitello Brasato:  Braised Veal in a Riesling White Wine Sauce Pearl Onion,
Baby Carrots, Mushrooms and Baby Zuchinni.
My guest tried the Salmone Primavera: Pan seared salmon served with broccoli rabe shishito pepper red
onion marmalade and salmon roe.

For desert we went with a recommendation from our highly experienced and seasoned restaurant veteran  -

Tira Mi Su Served in an Éclair Glass
the perfect ending to a precariously enticing and poignant meal.
Iacopo is also widely known for his incredible selection of Pastrys so if your in the mood for something
sweet stop into Cafe Falai on Lafayette Street.