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catherine Perrier
Cries and Whispers
Life In The Folds
Les Erotiques
Written by Knut Navrot

She started to work.
She is not alone now. Tucked between two tutelary presences, it invests two spaces to protective properties: the kiss
to mom, grandma's garden.

It is the intermediate space. It fits in-between. And three generations are based in one: it ...
It's there. Beyond the nudity. Deep in her nakedness.

Presence bluish suspicious. The bone architecture can be sensed between transparency and opacity. Exposure and
the clinical reality of the picture fades in favor of a mystical vision of the intimate. These ectoplasmic forms evoke a
divine apparition, soft and enveloping.

Transparency. It is she who makes the link between the three spaces.
eye excavation strata secret. It focuses on the latest plan, seeks a lock of hair or the curve of a cheek. He slips
slowly, voluptuously on the smooth surface of radiography and finally hangs on the front ... Unless the order is
another matter ... because every look digging work actively sought this process of fusion.
L The challenge is there.

Finally, tiny flowers and other small items Dapper fabric floating, weightless. These small volumes are bitten in the
plans. The sting of the needle operates another form of link across the layers.
Thus three operations ... transparency ... look ... bite ... realize the merger prospects. While rooted in the desire of the
intimate darkness born.
undress me
dark Desires
that time she had not thought of him
Catherine Perrier has with memory a special bond. On the table material and mental creation, it operates in open
storage. Memory is not regarded as an end in itself but a means, median, medium. Plastic form to which it succeeds is
not to be interpreted restrictively as the memorial celebration of a mythical past, nor as the expression of an idealized
nostalgia exacerbated.

We see the crucial role of memory that CP has not on the mode selected commemorative souvenirs and collectibles,
but the creative mode of invented figures. According to this mnemonic operation inherent in its aesthetic outlook, it
seems that CP does not remember but ressouvienne. She ressouvient: remembering, from evidence in the real seized
and taken in by the imaginary dimension is created. The past is not a shrine, it is experienced as an event to this
intense sensations, in the real innovative work.

Works CP blocks of space-time, just like other working of marble blocks, provided that the materials to be immaterial,
the space and time are not less real than marble blocks. It is with the space it triumph barriers of time. It passes
through tissue memorial, psychic, dream, fantasy, and somatic, such as a slider sensor extremely sensitive and
always alert receptive she takes elements of the real intimate private and social reality of the real intimate and private

Joel Couve
The confrontation of two worlds juxtaposed: From the body and mind, space and time, the living and the dead, born
this in-between tenuous that rises to the consciousness of the heart of silence.

A silence that beats to the measure and excess

In a secret life
From a hidden yearning
Tremors delicious
Chaos of uncertain
Disordered offenders
War dances
It is in the acceptance of those paradoxes that silence opens the door "against life".

We then understand the secret worlds.
The bellies
48 x 48 cm pastel