Ellie Robyns- Year in Review

I am "Optimistic" that 2010 will bring great things, a better economy and more peace than we had in 2009.

Change of decade. Can you believe that? We are moving into a new phase in the world. One which still carries a great deal of stress, anxiety
and uncertainty. However, along with that, the promise of hope remains, the opportunity to clean the air literally and figuratively. To get a
better job, enhance your relationship or start a brand new one, to reconcile with family, to TRAVEL MORE!

Let us start there...Travel

This past year I visited:

•Las Vegas
•The Catskills, Bethel Woods
•The Poconos
•New Hope, PA
•Mohegan Sun
•Mystic, CT
•Montauk Pt. and the Hamptons

To you, our NY Optimist readers who "traveled" with me on my journeys, I hope you derived both pleasure and information from my travel
articles. My aim was for you to be able to PICTURE YOURSELF there! To be able to imagine yourself in locations both close to home and
further away. In reality, I hope my information helped you even plan your own trip to any of these locations or others it prompted you to

We welcome your feedback on how my/our travel articles affected you.

•Did you a plan a trip as a result? Did you visit Vermont and ski Killington? There is still plenty of winter season 2010 to do just that!

•Perhaps you visited the new and completely renovated Mount Airy Resort and Casino in the Poconos? Or spent a day in the quaint spa at the
Inn at Pocono Manor?

•Speaking of casinos, did you "press your luck" at Mohegan Sun? Catch Cirque D Soleil at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas? Ride the amazing
Monorail in Vegas? Stay at Red Rock?

•Did you go to the Hamptons in the off or on season? Interacted with the bikers while enjoying the magnificient ocean view restaurant at
Gurney's Inn in Montauk?

•Explore yoga, meditation and the great lakes that surround the new Honor's Haven Resort in the rejuvenated Catskill Mountains, upstate NY?

•Catch headline entertainers such as the Allman Brothers or Earth Wind and Fire at Bethel Woods? Visit the Woodstock mueum there?

•Take the Bannerman's Castle tour or visit DIA in Beacon, NY?

•VIsit the retro shops and stay at the beautiful Inn at Bowman's HIll, in New Hope, PA?

•And, if cruising is your thing, dont forget Royal Caribbean to beautiful Bermuda or one of the many other destination RC sails to!

Not to worry, as we will be reviewing many new and adventurous locations in 2010. You will have many chances to plan your next vacation or
travel "virtually" with Ellie!

Travel to:

•Sundance Film Festival in Salt Lake City, Utah



•San Francisco

•Cunard Cruiselines to Southhampton England (transatlantic cruise from brooklyn, ny)

Where else would you like to go? Tell us!!

Ellie's opinion articles and "Ellie's short's:"

2009 brought us discussions about:

Relationships- "Love on Crutches"
Nutrition/Wellness- "Holidaze Diet"
Work/Life issues- "The Work Wave"
The "career optimist"- 9/11 reflection and weathering this tough economy
"Sexting"- Teens and Texts- a rough combination

In the coming year we will continue to cover the above issues and related concerns which are relavant to readers of all types and ages!

Around Town

brought us hundreds of Around Town events in the form of: musicals; sports sepcials; travel and home decor trade shows, food shows,
museum openings, walking tours, art openings. All these aformentioned events were just in the city and surrounding boroughs alone!

2010 Around Town-

We are planning on going into many new towns outside the NY Metro area, to cover great events and openings. Dont worry New Yorkers, I will
not leave my heart in San Francisco!

To summarize, I really just want to thank you all for reading my writing, for taking an interest and for recognizing the continued importance of
the power of the written word!

The "Optimistic" words.

We all know that words are powerful, and whether in print, online or verbal, words have the ability to heal or to hurt.

Therefore let's remain positive and "optimistic" that 2010 will bring all good things to those who wait, wish, live and love!
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