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The Gazillion Bubble Show will amaze your whole family with mind blowing bubble magic. Step into an
interactive bubble world and be dazzled by spellbinding lasers, spectacular lighting effects, and jaw-dropping
masterpieces of bubble artistry. It will make you smile, laugh, and feel like a kid all over again!
A family affair, Gazillion Bubble Show features Fan, Ana, Jano, OR Deni Yang. Gazillion Bubble Show has
been featured on “The Oprah Winfrey Show”, “The David Letterman Show”, “LIVE! with Regis and Kelly”,
“The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, “Fox & Friends”,
“The View”, “CBS Sunday Morning”, “The Today Show”, FOX, NBC, ABC, CW11 as well as television stations
all around the world.
Gazillion Bubble Show is an unbubblievable extravaganza for everyone, unlike anything you have ever seen
before. Adults and children of all ages are sure to be enchanted. You will have to
experience it to believe it!
An Interview with Performance Artist Deni Yang
of The Gazillion Bubble Show
TNYO: Deni I was amazed truly by the unique and original one man show you performed Called The Gazillion Bubble Show.
can you tell me a little bit about it?
Deni Yang: The Gazillion Bubble Show, is a unique show that when people watch and are amazed by the fascination of the bubble tricks it's
about having the memory of the bubble trick even though it only lasts for a few seconds. The show consist of many interesting elements
from having the audience being encapsulated in a bubble, making square bubbles, smoke bubbles, bubbles larger and that stretch over
10-15ft long (which is explained with the Guinness World Record of 170ft in length) but not to mention extreme crazy laser lights and super
high tech effects which enhance the show into a new level of creativity.
TNYO: How old are you

Deni Yang: I am currently 21 as of January 3rd

TNYO: Where are you from?

Deni Yang: I had the majority of my schooling life in Canada so I am a Canadian citizen but, my life always required me to travel, I've been
to school around the world from Germany to Australia home schooled and so forth. I was Born in Serbia but left a baby due to a life of travel
and entertainment I was always on the road with my parents.
TNYO: I noticed one of the ideas behind The Gazillion Bubble show is to make people happy - can bubbles really make people happy

Deni Yang: Definitely bubbles is such a basic element to nature that when anyone sees it, there will never be any type of discomfort or
tension as bubbles are so simple also natural that everyone or animal would enjoy it, plus I can tell by the audience reaction especially the
children that when they see the bubbles the only reactions I get are "WOOW", "OOHH" and all of it follows with a large smile, cheering and
laughter not to mention I have the audience always telling me that I've made their day also of course made them happy which is just an
amazing feeling that comes with the job.

TNYO: Why do you do what you do?

Deni Yang: I believe the sole purpose of any performer or entertainer is for the fans, for the enjoyment and happiness of the audience also
the service we provide for them. There is nothing else better then having people clap and cheer in excitement because of what your
presenting to them.

TNYO: It seems like the bubbles in the show actually dance and move to the music you play in the background did you coreograph and
design and write this show all by your self?

Deni Yang: The show was designed by my father Fan Yang, but as a character  I have my own personality that I present on stage, so
some tricks have a different style to it, also of course I try my best to match everything with the music, but bubbles are sometimes so
TNYO: What exactly are those amazing bubbles made of?

Deni Yang: As for the bubbles on stage which is more of a complex mix which I cannot offer to you sorry :) but all of it consists of Water,
Corn Syrup, Dish Washing Liquid, thats the basic components to a simple mixture if you would like to try at home which also works great,
also dont get me wrong those same ingredients are the core mixtures for a great bubble mixture which is also used purely on the stage.

TNYO: I noticed the kids loved it!! they were going wild, it was so inspirational and fun it made me feel like a kid again seriously. Your so
good with children the little girl you brought up on stage was precious. this must feel amazing - making these familys so happy.
can you tell me a little bit about how that feels
Deni Yang: When you see the joy that I have it's because  of the enjoyment of the children when they come on the stage which reflects to
everyone in the audience and that way everyone can share the energy the happiness of the vibe thats flowing around in the theater so
from that point it is all fun for me, I would never treat what I do as a job because everyone will also feel like I'm just working in front of
everyone, but really I'm just having fun.

TNYO: Do you study martial arts?

Deni Yang: I've never studied martial arts, nor have I taken any source of dance classes.

TNYO:  What was your upbringing like - religion etc
Deni Yang: I've traveled all my life, so at a young age I was very familiar to a life of movement and travel, I was always used to being at
many different places in a short period of time. I believe I was lucky to have the opportunity to travel while I was young so I can experience
everything and use that knowledge today.

TNYO: Are you also an illusionist - magician I felt like I was seeing magic those bubbles flying in the air the lights and then they dissapear
like little tiny universes that implode upon touch.

Deni Yang: I don't portray myself as one because every single trick and all the elements we have into the show are real, there are no
special illusions behind the show as bubbles and the laser lights are a visual art.

TNYO: Is there something else you would like to do but might not have the time to?
Deni Yang: As of now the Bubble show has my full attention and I put a lot of time and effort to continue progressing, but anything else I
love to be physically active, from sports, jogging, cycling and so forth, otherwise on my free time during the winter I would go snowboarding
in the mountains quite frequently.

TNYO: How did you come up with the idea to manipulate and create the lasers in your show
Was it difficult to learn?

Deni Yang: Well our original Idea came from projecting the lasers one way, then we decided to change the directions and have them
projected in all angles, which gave us the idea to create a whole new element for our show, It was not difficult to learn but having the
knowledge and choreography to put it together was the biggest challenge.

TNYO: What type of lasers are those
Deni Yang:  The lasers we use are entertainment not like medical lasers used in hospitals or clinics, all our lasers are safe and have been
adjusted to the correct level for visual energy light emulated projectors which portrays the spectrum's of light and color over a transparent
gas or substance like smoke or haze and even BUBBLES. :)

TNYO: Where did you get them is there a company that supplies them for you or arranges them for you.

Deni Yang: All these lasers are special OEM lasers which have been customized specifically for our show due for safety and entertainment

TNYO: You are a super hero in my book you made so many people truly happy at your show, where will you head to next?

Deni Yang:  I will be in Singapore in 2 weeks, Los Angeles in April and back in NY in between for the show times, but of course I love the
city so I will always be back, It's practically my home.
TNYO: Can you choose a song for our readers to listen too?

Deni Yang:   Well I usually listen top singles and have a variety of genres, but right now Fireworks by Katy Perry which is pretty good and
has been quite catchy, otherwise if you've over played that song try listening to Grenade by Bruno Mars or "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga
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