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Lonely Fisherman, Inle Lake, Burma
Color print
11" by 16"
$195 matted 16" by 20"

Limited edition of 25.
Monk Initiates at Sale, Burma
Film, printed digitally
11" by 16"
$195 matted 16" by 20"

Limited edition of 25.
Bagan Sunrise, Burma
Color print
11" by 16"
$195 matted 16" by 20"

Limited edition of 25.
Artist Statement

Art is my pulse. It informs everything I am, do, say, see. It can be seen in my work,
my expression, my appearance, and my home. Art comes in many forms,
reminding me of God, everywhere, eternal. The search for the divine in the
humanness of everyone and everything drives and inspires me.

When I look either inside me or around me, for an idea or image to expose on film,
paint or make from clay, I notice the graphic element first, which satisfies my need
for order and godliness. Then I wait for the gesture or indication that makes the
image or object unique and personal. I enjoy finding the irony, humor, raw emotion
and tenderness in the human experience. Most exciting is when the whole process
is spontaneous: Divine Inspiration expressing through me.

Showing you my art both frightens and exhilarates me. I offer you a window into my
unadorned, unprotected self. You are invited to react - to decide what moves you.
My desire is that you feel included in my feeling of gratitude for all creation and the
creativity that surrounds us.
The Caravan, Udaiphur, India
Film, digital print
11" by 14"
$195 matted 16" by 20"

Limited edition of 25
As an ordained minister, Diane Waller considers art to be her ministry. So as you view her work, you are in her church. Her
journey to this awareness, however, has taken many years.

When she was a young child, art in every form was a strong element of Diane’s life. But her early academic and career paths diverged
from these interests. Only after successful careers in engineering, business, and sales did she come to realize that her true calling is to
create. It is through her art--painting, photography and ceramic arts—that she now expresses herself, and communicates her connection
and gratitude to the Divine Source of all.

Diane’s photographs appear in exhibitions throughout the year in the tri-state area, and are in private collections across the United States
and Europe. Her paintings have been exhibited widely; and her whimsical pottery is included in numerous individual collections in the tri-
state area,plus California, Florida and London. Diane works simultaneously in all three media, often combining them for arresting effects.
For example, her pottery often displays her painting or photographs and her photographs serve as inspiration for her painting.

Her photographs appear in three books for children, of which the most recent is, Does God Hear My Prayer? written by Rev. August Gold.
You can also see her work in signage and publications throughout the Bronx Zoo. Some of her mixed media images were availabe online
for the month of March and are still in the archives at Most recently, her paintings have graced the
lobby of the Manhattan Borough President’s Office, as part of an exhibit for Women’s History Month, and have been shown at the Art
Students League. Her pottery is exhibited regularly at the La Mano Studio Gallery.

Diane credits Ernestine Ruben and Katherine Criss as her photography mentors. Nicky Orbach, Joseph Peller, and Frank O’Cain have all
influenced her development as a painter. Her work in clay has been largely self taught in a teaching studio, La Mano Pottery, which she
co-owns with eight other ceramic artists.
Happy Monks, Burma
Color print
11" by 16"
$195 matted 16" by 20"

Limited edition of 25. Young monks
Teak Monastery in Burma.
image at Salmagundi Club, NYC.
"Photographer Diane Hardy Waller" Presented
By Heidi Russell