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Appple Tree
Beggar's Eyes
Bentons Field
Chorus Of Critics
Known for his haunting figurative work and dark landscapes, Jody
Fallon is a self taught contemporary artist, proficient in oil, watercolor,
pastel and pencil. A native of central Pennsylvania, Jody grew up
exploring the dark fields, hills and mountains near his childhood home,
ever yearning for a way to express the feelings of wonder, fascination
and solitude that he had discovered.

As a young man, Jody joined the Marine Corps and traveled extensively
throughout the United States and the Pacific Rim including Hawaii, Japan
and Okinawa. All the while drawing on his experiences, yet still yearning
for more. Until in 2000, at 31 years old, he was introduced to painting
and color by two artists that he had come to know; Frank Frazetta and
Ron Wing, affording him the vehicle of expression that he had sought
most of his life.

Jody's work has been exhibited extensively in galleries throughout
Pennsylvania, including four annual solo exhibitions at the Packwood
House Museum in Lewisburg. His paintings are in numerous private
collections across the United States, including New York, New Jersey,
Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and Hawaii. Jody's Original Paintings and
Drawings are currently available
online,  Eclectika in Selinsgrove
Pennsylvania and
The Art Association of Harrisburg's
Sales Gallery.

He currently lives and works in Central Pennsylvania with his wife Cheryl
and his two young sons, Jack and Cole.
Good Grief
Had Enough
In The Belly Of The Whale
I believe that when society is at its worst, it is the Artist
that rises to the fore to challenge that worst, with the truth
that they have found in their work.  These Universal truths
of Love, Hate, Life and Death, are what drive my work.
These things that we have labeled the 'Human Condition',
the ever changing landscape of the Human Soul.
My work is my vehicle into this Landscape.

I have no formal art training, or formula.  I could not
begin to describe how I start a painting or drawing,
except to say that I try to find the best that I am and
start there.
I have sought out the Artists that I have
admired and that have influenced me in
my work the most.  I have had coffee in
the studio of my childhood inspiration
Frank Frazetta, countless glasses of
wine with  my friend Ron Wing, I have
stood in front of the work of George
Inness, Andrew Wyeth, Albert Ryder,
Monet and more. They have all told me
the same thing - 'Go and do better than I
have done.' There in lies my struggle.
Not to be better than the Artists that have
had the courage to make a mark on a
blank surface; But to be better than
myself and make my own mark.
Everyone Is Behaving Like Dogs
Multi Floral; Rose
Out Back
Self Portrait
Thunder Head