Chapter 29

Conventional Sex
If you think that because it feels so good when you stick your donger inside her, it will feel great for her then you are sadly mistaken stud boy. If a woman
is going to climax from genital to genital intercourse, you are going to have to know what you're doing. Her vagina is fantastic for giving pleasure to a man,
but it's design is not so great for receiving pleasure. We'll look at where her most sensitive parts are and how best to stimulate them during genital-to-genital

Chapter 30

Anal Sex
Anal sex isn't something that rocks my boat. If it's something that you and your partner are interested in trying then this chapter will give you a run down
on the how's and why's and also how to avoid ending up with a poo stick! No fart jokes please! Hmm ok, just one!

Chapter 31

Avoiding Pregnancy
This chapter looks at the most common ways of avoiding pregnancy, and some less common methods. Which method is best for you and your lover is
best discussed between yourselves and possibly your local GP.

The conclusion puts a wrap on the book along with a few pages of very important do's and don'ts to keep her feeling special and cherished!


The current pre-launch price of this ebook is a lot less than the price quoted (Around half the price)

The rest of this ebook will automatically unlock in real time
Chapter 22

Her Feet
Her foot is what you'll find up your fundamental orifice if you don't pay enough attention to the infidelity chapter. This chapter is small, but it's worth the

Chapter 23

Her Breasts
How can we ensure that our lady friend enjoys her breasts as much as you? Just like kissing we'll cover technique and approach and the most common
mistake fellas make with their partner's breasts. Isn't it funny how we hate rolls of fat on a woman until we see a nipple on it!

Chapter 24

Your Penis
Circumcised versus the uncut brotherhood?
Does size matter? Do women consider a guy's size when assessing a partner? We'll cover the pros and cons
of size, and how much it does matter during intercourse.

Chapter 25

Good hand technique, and why good hands are such an important part of your lovemaking arsenal.

Chapter 26

Lifting the Tempo
As the name of the chapter suggests, we are about to take her from smouldering to aflame. I want you to respect this chapter because it gives you access to
a game I invented.  Guys I will guarantee you right now that if you follow this blueprint you'll be peeling your lady off the ceiling before the night is out. The
game will utilize the greatest weapons in our arsenal to ensure that in her eyes, you'll be basking in Hollywood style stardom.

I hope you still have a few strands of hair left by the time the night is out, but you probably won't! You might find yourself standing in front of the mirror
with one solitary strand left on your near naked nut. Should you comb it or should you leave it messy? That is the question!

Chapter 27

Oral Sex
The pinnacle of love making for your lady, but only if you is good at it. This is a very detailed chapter that covers the subject in great depth. This isn't a
chapter for the faint of heart. Remember, you can't eat half a pussy. You start eating pussy; you have to eat all the pussy, so no asking for a doggy bag!

Chapter 28

The G-spot
Where is it? How is it stimulated? What do our confused scientists have to say about it? Most women have never had their G-spot stimulated correctly. It is
very different to the rest of her anatomy and once mastered will open doors that she didn't even know existed. If you want to add something to your arsenal
that almost no other males know about, read this chapter particularly carefully, but to avoid damage to furniture and fittings, move everything away from
the bed before you start. You might think I'm kidding? I ain't!
Chapter 17

Touching and Holding
On the surface this chapter might sound quite simple, but for men, holding is probably the most under estimated aspect of a relationship. We'll tell you why!

Chapter 18

Her Anatomy
If you aren't sure what you'll find when the draws are dropped, then hold on because you're your in for a bigger shock than the mayor of Hiroshima! The
clitoris, the g-spot it's all here. Once you've completed this chapter, there really shouldn't be any nasty shocks left. The exception might be if you've picked
up a pre-op transvestite and assumed the frontal position while spooning. Then you're in for one hell of a shock home boy!

Chapter 19

Why does he stray? Why does she stray? We'll cover this topic in detail including some statistical information and discuss why there is such a huge trend
towards infidelity in the modern age. We'll look at what's at stake and whether it's worth the trade. We'll also discuss the minefield you'll be entering if you
partake in having a lover on the side!

Chapter 20

One For The Ladies
Sorry to betray the brotherhood fellas, but in this chapter I'll be letting the lady readers in on some of our most closely guarded secrets! If you ladies really
knew what was going on, then Saturday night at the nightclubs for some guys would be about as much fun as the Wailing Wall at Jerusalem.

It's not all bad news, as we'll also help you to understand a little bit about the guy that's trying his hardest but maybe isn't being understood too well by his
lover. We'll discuss the things he needs most from you and also when it's best to cut him some slack or maybe even cut him loose!

Chapter 21

Mental Bonding
I can't stress the importance of this chapter, even in relation to the technique chapters. When I use the term 'mental bonding' it could be seen and perceived
at varying levels of intimacy or closeness! "How long is a piece of string?" one may ask. The type of bond I will be discussing in this chapter goes way
beyond partners that are 'good mates' and might greet each other with "Hi cock, or Wotcha, you old turd"! It's a connection felt by two people that
transcends decades and is virtually beyond written description. It's a connection and oneness held at the core, or very soul. Partners that are tuned to each
other's frequency may be so intimately linked that they can communicate extremely rapidly through the slightest glance, or the smallest touch. It's a trust in
each other that would see you laying yourself totally vulnerable to another human being and knowing that you can trust that person with these vulnerabilities
as faithfully as you trust the sun to rising over the horizon every morning.
Here we talk about this bond, how hard it is to build, but also how easily it can be shattered!
Chapter 13

Love Letters
Ladies love to find something in the mail from their man, even if you see her every day. The exception to this rule might be restraining orders or eviction
notices. We'll look at what makes a great love letter and what doesn't. We also cover the intricacies of writing a letter designed to save a relationship. 95% of
men commit some cardinal sins with such a letter and destroy their last hopes. They might as well have started it with "To whom it may concern"! We'll look
very carefully at this scenario and provide the blueprint to a successful relationship mending letter.

Chapter 14

Advice on good and bad kissing technique! If you can't seduce her with your lips, then what can she expect from the rest of your body? I hope you didn't
answer 'crabs'! What's sexy for a guy can often be a put off for your lady. We'll describe kissing techniques that will have her knees shakier than Pavarotti's
deck chair. Read carefully!

Chapter 15

Setting The Mood For Intimacy
This chapter is designed to help you understand where foreplay starts for her. For most men foreplay is a little bit like 'jail' in Monopoly! You might go there
because you have to, but not typically for too long! It's time to stop tip toeing past foreplay like you would Mayfair and Park Lane with motels. If you want
to be a great lover, you are going to have to be good at it. Indeed very good at it. Let the truth be known, where foreplay starts for a woman might very well
surprise you.

Chapter 16

Our Mental Differences - A Broad View
The sexes are different physically, which I hope you've noticed! If you haven't then you're in for one hell of a shock when you get to the anatomy chapter.
The mental differences are probably even more pronounced. This chapter will cover in some detail the differences in the way she thinks!
Chapter 4
Asking Her Out
If you find the thought of asking her out more intimidating than the running of the bulls, then you'll find some handy tips in this chapter. We'll discuss not only
how you should approach the situation, but also how to time it right!

Most importantly, if you have little experience with women and you are about to ask one out you really like, then there's a good chance you're about to
completely stuff the situation. We cover this at the end of this chapter. Here's a hint.... kindling , not bonfires!

Chapter 5

Online Dating
It's the new fad, but the competition is fierce for the males. This chapter provides you with tips for writing a knockout profile, choosing a niche, and most
importantly composing your emails. We'll even discuss the pros and cons of some of the leading sites. And if you have a head like something that's just been
pulled out of the permafrost, we'll show you how to modify your photos.... no we won't!  

Chapter 6

Horror Dates
Four very horrible dating stories.

Chapter 7

If you look like Herman Munster's stunt double or a reject from a gay pride disco then maybe you need to consider a makeover. Maybe your pants are so
short that when you cross your legs, your knees show! Maybe your boxer shorts don't bend anymore! We'll skip the keish (that's not a man's food anyway)
and go straight for the risotto and discuss outward appearance and projection. We'll also discuss what's cool and what's not.

Chapter 8

Calorie Consumption During Sex
We take a satirical look at the number of calories burned during various sexual activity.
Chapter 9

Unwanted Attention
If she indicates that she wants more space, and that space seems to be exactly the same depth, breadth and width as you, then this chapter is for you!

Chapter 10

What Are Women Attracted To Physically?
The surveyed results outlining the results of what women are typically attracted to. Don't worry if you look like a crash test dummy that's been driven in to
one too many walls. This is a majority finding only, and bear in mind women are turned on by their ears more so than their eyes. At least I hope they are for
your sake because I'm really hot! I wonder why my publicist refused to use a picture of me on the back cover of this book?
There have been recent scientific studies performed that actually show females are attracted to different males depending on where they are in their menstrual
cycle. For example, when a woman is ovulating she will prefer a male with rugged masculine features. However, when she's having her period, she prefers a
man doused in petrol, set alight, with scissors stuck in his eyeball and a cricket stump shoved up his arse!

Chapter 11

Mind Games
Once the mind games start, things can get so ugly that before long you are slinging more mud at each other than you'd find in a Joan Collins face pack! We'll
discuss how to avoid the mind game trap, and how to defuse mind games if they have crept into your relationship.

Chapter 12

What Men Know About The Female Mind
This is an extremely short chapter indeed.

Chapter 1
What Is A Woman?
If you feel there is a need for a chapter under this title then stop reading immediately as you may find the rest of this book fatally erotic.

Chapter 2

Where to Find A Lover
We'll discuss the pro's and cons of various places you might encounter the lady of your dreams. We'll even suggest some new places and options you
might not have considered, like Tupperware Parties........just jokes! I'm funny huh!

Chapter 3

If your conversation is about as stimulating as reading the in flight magazine for Air Kazakhstan then your chances of getting a second date will be
fading from thin to anorexic. How to hold her attention, and the cardinal sins of first date conversation are all discussed in this chapter.
                                    Very Naughty Guide to Sex & Relationships

                                                    Author James Carvello

We've all witnessed love scenes like these in the movies! The lead actor runs his hand down her thigh and she withers in ecstasy. The slightest touch or the
mere presence of his lips near hers and she's in her first throws of orgasm. If you're like me, you'll have noticed by now that it's the ladies that take time to
reach climax, and it's us guys that get there fairly easily, sometimes too easily - hopefully not just from a strong southerly breeze!

Why is it so easy for the movie stud? What's he got that we haven't? Well he has one big advantage over us! He knew all along she'd have a thundering climax. He knew
because he read it in the script!

This book isn't just about teaching you to send your lover off in the bedroom with a bigger bang than when Luke Skywalker blew up the Death Star. Sure we'll take you on
a tour of her valleys and peaks, but we'll also discuss in great detail what's happening between her ears. If you are ever going to be a good lover, you are going to need to
know what really turns her on.

We'll be looking at not only being a better lover but also a better person and partner. Loving and caring for your partner when she's all smiles and affection is easy and it's
great fun. But there are times of the month when her smile will disappear and furrows will crease her brow. Her claws will come out and she'll be acting more like a grizzly
bear that just got capped in the arse! As hard as it may sound, these are the times that she really needs our love care and affection. Remember the saying "A calm sea does
not make a skilled sailor"!

Being caring and attentive goes hand in hand with good love making. If females need more work to reach climax, then how good a lover can you expect to be if you are
selfish about the act of love making? As a lover we have to be prepared to give pleasure. Do this, and it will be returned tenfold. Don't take the time and you'll get about as
much sex as a New Zealand sheep farmer that's allergic to wool.

We need to know how to push the buttons and how to monitor the response. We also need to know where the buttons are, and furthermore be able to find them in poor
light without referring to the 'Junior Edition of Human Anatomy'!

We'll also need to understand a little more about our own anatomy so that we don't have our six shooter blowing our toes off while it's still in the holster. There are ways
and techniques to help you become a 'stayer', but staying too long isn't necessarily ideal either. Having said that, if the opening paragraph caused you to snapped the elastic
in your undies and sling shot them clear over your monitor, then you might have to see your doctor. Try not to jizz on him!

Before you delve in to this book, we also need to clear up some misconceptions. Anything you might have seen in porno movies can safely be ruled out as useful to
educating anyone on sexual technique. That would be like watching Raiders of the Lost Ark for bible studies or The Godfather as a guide to business negotiation.  You can
also dismiss the endless babble on the net from the self proclaimed pick up artists. Their advice is not only useless, but following it will see you becoming as popular as
spots in measles. A cross between the Hound of the Baskervilles and my left armpit would look more glamorous than the girls these keyboard jockeys would be dating!
Trust me, my left armpit isn't very right one is pretty hot though!

More than likely they aren't dating anyone, but spend their nights 'strangling the chicken' while they put up web pages as monuments to their own ego. It's a
safe bet to leave any literature where the writer brags of his own exploits.

There is well over 400 pages of information in this book and despite the light hearted nature of the delivery the text is very serious where it needs to be. I
hope you learn a lot and enjoy the read!
The New York Optimist
Kaliopy Interviews Author James Caravello:
"The Very Naughty Guide to Sex and Relationships"
By James Caravello
Kaliopy: What was your current occupation before you became a writer?

James Caravello
: Writing is one of many things that I’m into as I still do a lot of consulting, marketing and accounting type work. I come from an accounting /
management background, with the marketing and web design coming a little later (along with the writing), but although I’ve taken to putting pen to paper, so to
speak, I am still doing my other work. Writing solely for a living would be pretty appealing however!

Kaliopy: How did "The Very Naughty Guide to Sex & Relationships" e-book come about?

James Caravello: The book really targets guys. I used to have a large social group, which consisted of me and around a dozen women. There was one other
male and the brother of my best friend at the time that occasionally came out as well. I guess the book comes about having experienced first hand how guys
impact the lives of women in the dating world.
heard all the pick up lines, I saw some of the girls get involved with guys who were saying the right things with no intention of carrying through, and I’ve picked
up a lot of pieces along the way. I can't count the number of times I received phone calls from girls in tears, and driven off to pick them up and dust them off so
to speak. I guess the obvious question that a lot of males would be asking is whether this led to sex, and the straight answer to that is no it didn't. I would have
been no better than the next guy had it led to that.

I've also been out with male friends who were in 'happy' relationships and couldn't believe how many of them would be 'on the pull' when their partner wasn't
around. I honestly wouldn't want to guess in percentage terms how many guys would stray if the opportunity presented itself. It's no wonder that businesses are
flourishing where a seductress can be hired by a woman to "test their man's fidelity"!

From what I’ve seen, most relationships will come out the other side of a test like this with a dog fight that will make the Alien versus Predator match up look like
a Mary Poppins flick!

So in sort, having seen things from the ladies perspective, and knowing what the average guy is like, I felt there was a need for such a book. In writing the book, I
guess I’ve been a little left of centre to enable it to appeal somewhat to the audience it is targeting.

Kaliopy: You cover a wide range of topics about relationships with a humorous perspective; does any of your personal experience come into this?

James Cravello: If it were from personal experience, it would have been a very short book. Just kidding, but seriously some of it is from personal experience,
but a lot of it is good old common sense. I don't think a lot of us take the time to view the world from the shoes of our partner. Those that do, probably struggle
to do or say the right things when the emotions are running high. In writing a book like this, you are doing it totally from a logical perspective. Applying logic to
relationship based decisions when the emotions are running high can be one of the greatest challenges put before us, but I guess that will be our measure, and the
shape of our life (be it happy or sad) will be a result of how we measured up at these times.

Talking of personal experience, I haven't always made the right decisions myself. I'm not trying to put myself up as the perfect guy but I know I’m trying to be
the best that I can which is one of the driving messages of the book.

Kaliopy: Sitting in the top 50's, your e-book has jumped a few times up the ladder, to now spot #38, how has this ride been for you?

James Caravello: I guess it took me by surprise at how quickly it rose up the ranks but it's also been pretty frustrating given the amount of promotion the site is
giving to books submitted by major publishing houses! I've now noticed my book isn't on the site and I will be following that up bearing in mind
how much traffic that site brings in. Without a listing on that site, I think my climb up the rankings of the sister site will slow up and possibly even decline. I'm
organising my own promotion anyway as I’m really a long way from being on a level playing field with the other major books on those sites. I guess I’m sick of
battling books that have front page exposure with pictures of their covers when my book is buried 3 layers into the website. In all honesty, I’m completely
surprised it's pulled the number of downloads that it has given the circumstances!

Kaliopy: Will you be bringing out a hard copy since "The Very Naughty Guide to Sex & Relationships" has been so popular?

James Caravello: I have thought about it and it's a common question that's raised with me. I think I’ll monitor how the book goes from my own site once I set
my own promotional campaign on it's way, and take it from there!

Kaliopy: Lastly, I know you like to surprise, any new projects you might like to share?

James Caravello: There are a number of projects I have in the pipeline. Most of them aren't literature based, but a few of them are. I have a real passion for the
Nikola Tesla story so I’d love to pen that story and try to increase the public awareness of a scientist / inventor who in my view we have a greater legacy to than
even Albert Einstein. That’s' not to try and diminish Einstein's amazing works in any way, but in a practical sense, Nikola Tesla single headedly grabbed out world
by the scruff of the neck and shoved it into the 20th century. What this guy gave us, and how well history has buried him is not only beyond belief, but also a
massive miscarriage of justice!
Very Naughty Guide to Sex & Relationships