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Lenora Claire Model Artists Muse Curator, Journalist, Actress.
Where do you find the time to accomplish all these, what I would imagine to be difficult time consuming projects?

Lenora Claire: I probably sleep less than the average person but that isn't the secret to my success or anything. I've always
been a goal oriented person. I try not to get caught up in the minutia of life and look at the bigger picture.
If something is
going to be irrelevant to me in five years I don't give it my time or attention. This allows me to focus on my long
term goals.

Next Question is how do you manage to produce these projects so successfully.

Lenora Claire: That's kind of a strange question. I suppose the best answer is that everything I do comes from an authentic
place. If I don't truly believe in a project I won't take on. Because I only deal with passion projects I'm able to pour every bit of
myself into them.
I've been very fortunate that other people seem to enjoy them as well.

TNYO: Your like a living breathing painting I understand you posed for the famous pin up artist Olivia what was that like were
you happy with the results, where did she paint you, (in her studio or her house) What type of personality does she have, I
wonder because her work is impeccable and I would think that kind of excruciating detail would come from a quiet math geek
type personality.

Lenora Claire: Of course I am HONORED and thrilled to be a part of Olivia's art. I've been a fan of hers for half of my life
having covered my teenage bedroom of her art. Back then I would have never believed that not only would I one day be one
of her pin-ups but that we would have such a lovely friendship and that I would curate a show featuring her art. Olivia is as
lovely as one of her paintings. She's a kind and compassionate woman with a whip sharp sense of sarcastic humor. She paints
from a studio on location at her stunning Malibu home. Her husband Joel photographs the models and Olivia then uses the
photos for reference. They're quite the team.

TNYO: Tell me a little bit about your modeling career
Who are some of your favorite photographers and what were some of you favorite shoots?

Lenora Claire:
I've been modeling for twelve years so there is quite a bit to tell. I've worked with some very talented people. I feel like the
luckiest girl in the world to have the kind of friendship and working relationship with Austin Young. I think he is an absolute
genius. I also really love the shots Marla Rutherford did of me that were later used in an ad campaign for USA Network and
Vanity Fair magazine as well as the work I've done with legendary music video director Dean Karr and Troy Jensen. It probably
helps that I'm friends with all of them. I'm a lucky girl.

TNYO: Austin Young has taken some beautiful shots of you I contacted him and it looks like TNYO will be featuring his work
what was it like working with him?

Lenora Claire: Austin is one of my favorite people on the planet. He brings out the best in all of his subjects. He has a
completely different approach to portraits than anyone else I have ever worked with. It's all really quite magical. He's a true
artist in every sense of the word.

TNYO: Where is your family from what is your background

Lenora Claire: My parents are both from NYC. They're English/German Jews.

TNYO: Where do you live now?

Lenora Claire: Los Angeles

TNYO: Whats an average day in Lenora Claire’s life like?

Lenora Claire: No such thing. Every day is it's own adventure.

TNYO: You have done interviews with Linda Carter, Pee Wee Herman, and John Waters among many others I assume, and
you have over 1000 articles published in Frontier magazine and many other entertainment publications. What was it like
interviewing Pee wee Herman he’s awesome I have always loved him what a great entertainer is he as funny in interviews?

Lenora Claire: It was pretty entertaining interviewing Pee Wee instead of Paul. He was an absolute delight. I'm thrilled he's
back and popular as ever.

TNYO: You Currently have a show on WOWTV interviewing celebrity’s when is the next show?

Lenora Claire: I'm focused on several tv projects at the moment.

TNYO: You are also somewhat of major personality your face has been on billboards in Times Square and you have had
pictures iin the windows in the NBC building in Rockefeller Center and plastered all over the city. Tell me about this part of
your life and were TV and movies a natural progression for you?

Lenora Claire: I grew up in LA. It was a natural progression.

TNYO: What are some of your favorite acting jobs?
And favorite celebrity’s that you have worked with?

Lenora Claire: I'm a horrible actress but I think I'm a fantastic TV personality/host. I have little interest portraying someone
else and it shows. I've worked with so many over the years. I prefer not to pick favorites.

TNYO: What are some of the music videos that you have appeared in?

Lenora Claire: Most recently Foals "Miami", Billy Talent's "Fallen Leaves" directed by my friend Dean karr which went on to
win Much Music (Canadian MTV) video of the year award, Marilyn Manson's "Tainted Love", and like 30 other videos.

TNYO: Your body is killer what an amazing shape how did that affect you growing up
I bet you didn’t have any problems with the boys.

Lenora Claire: It was pretty brutal to develop as quickly as I did. Luckily I discovered the films of Russ Meyer specifically
Faster Pussycat as a teenager and learned to see it as a positive thing. That would be an incorrect assumption about men.
They have no problem shouting things at me from their cars but tend to get very quiet around me in person.

TNYO: As a curator your recent shows have been Golden Gals Gone Wild and The Betty Page Exhibit tell me about these
how did they come about how did you plan them and decide on the spaces you chose to exhibit these shows.

Lenora Claire: I wanted to explore the subject of senior sexuality with a pop twist and thus the Golden Gals Gone Wild
was born. I was inspired by a painting I had purchased from Chris Zimmerman and it all just kind of spiraled from there.
Luckily production company World of Wonder had a beautiful Hollywood blvd location and were kind enough to take a chance
on me. As for the Bettie show she had just passed away and I wanted to do a collaboration with Olivia so it all just made sense.

TNYO: Who are the Artists that you have chosen for these exhibitions?

Lenora Claire: I've worked with over 100 artists so I'm not going to name them all obviously but I love working with Austin
Young, Olivia, Bunny yeager, Chris Zimmerman, Jason Mercier, Colin Christian, and of course Gidget Gein who sadly
is no longer with us.

TNYO: Your also the Queen of The LA Nightlife scene, I would love to bring some New York Optimist’s out to LA and party with
you which clubs do you rule in LA?

Lenora Claire: You can come see me at Mr. Black every Tuesday at Bardot.