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"What are they even talking about?"


I'm a mixed breed when it comes to politics. A socialist-capitalist, perhaps; an independent with no party to call home, not green or blue or red...but
maybe pink. Yes, pink would work just fine for my party colors.
But who the f*** cares?! We have basic human rights!!! We have healthcare reform!!! Right? So, up yours, Republicans, with your nay, nay, nays.
It's our house now, and you're not invited.


I have no idea yet how, when, or to what extent Obama's new plan will benefit me and my universe-wide fellowship of chronic sickos, neuro gimps,
30-yearish-olds with bones of 80-year-olds united, disablees [sic] on the dole...
Yet, I have big plans, with a capital B, for my reformed healthcare plan...once I figure it out. One thing Obama didn't account for - neuro-ites with
cognitive conundrums. So Pres, if you're reading this, could you please have one of your lackeys produce an interactive
how-to-benefit-when-you're-a-gimp online tutorial rendered for a 5th grade reading level?


Regardless, I'll be checking in with the "right" people to find out what my new rights and responsibilities are as a socially secured certified gimp. In
the meantime, we might as well have a giggle.
Thanks to, I got my daily guffaw, and I'm here to share the golden gift of levity. Apparently, it holds similar benefits to
Resveratrol and broccoli.


Yesterday, after President Obama signed health care reform into law, Republicans were out in force doing what they do best lately: spouting total,
ridiculous, incomprehensible nonsense about reform.
When it comes to health care, it's like they speak another language. "Socialism"? "Government takeover"? "Death panels"? Do they even know what
those words mean?
If you're confused, you're not alone. But we can help. Check out our fun new video that translates all this Republican-speak into plain

PS: We have one more responsibility:

"The House has passed historic health care reform. Now it's time for the Senate to finish the job. Pass the final fixes to the health care bill
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"Melanie Miller"