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New York based designer and rock musician Michael Houghton is the creative genius
behind many rock 'n roll associated artistic endeavors with his name. Known primarily
for his "Michael H.","DeHoughton" & the current "Rock Punk Couture" clothing lines,
his designs have made fans out of such legendary rock figures as The Rolling
Stones, Aerosmith,The New York Dolls, Duran Duran,Gregg Allman,Guns 'n Roses &
Jane's Addiction to name a few. His clients from the world of rock royalty come to be
outfitted by him knowing that his signatory custom pieces have a look all their own.
Something Mr. Houghton is widely known for.
This time however, Michael Houghton takes it a step further by delving
into  the contemporary art realm with a series of pieces on canvas
entitled "Smoking Series". These pieces, once again influenced by his
love of all things "rock", feature images of legendary icons such as Keith
Richards, David Bowie & John Lennon from rock's classic 60's & 70's
glory period. Meticulously created & embellished with all their finery, the
paintings reflect the same close attention to detail he parlayed into
making each & every piece in his custom clothing designs so unique. Mr.
Houghton now pushes his creative talents to a new echelon with the
untrodden medium of canvas, yet still expressing the same deep passion
he has for his signature style of rock punk, wild gypsy hedonism &
vintage rock 'n roll. A style that has made his music, clothing lines & now
art so cutting edge & renown in the downtown NY fashionista/rock scene.
Mr. Houghton's first installation of "Smoking Series" which took place in
Soho this past December resulted in a near sold out show at his
opening reception, a testament to the innovative & cutting edge appeal
of the art pieces. Each piece has an authenticity that most certainly
comes from the artist's passion for rock 'n roll culture & joy for the
work. Even the special edition hand painted t-shirts he has painstaking
conceived specifically to be sold during his second installation of  
"Smoking Series"  this week were all hand made by him.
Using images from his latest art show, they reflect the heart, soul & love
he puts into everything he creates. The t-shirts were made by him with
the intent to be able to share his work for all to enjoy . Mr. Houghton is
a true artist wanting to share his "rock 'n roll world" with all who care to
join the ride. A passion he lives by with any artistic medium that happens
to inspire him.
Michael Houghton welcomes all who are interested in viewing his
pieces to attend the second installation of "Smoking Series" by Michael
Houghton on Friday, February 11, 2011 at Bread 20 Spring Street &
Mott  from 5-8pm. The installation will be on display everyday through
May 1,2011 for any interested parties who are unable to attend the
opening reception. For further information on Mr. Houghton's paintings
or his "Rock Punk Couture" designs, we welcome any inquiries at:
Artist Designer
Michael H Houghton
Photos By Perrine Roux