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Rachel Smith Althof
Photos By Chris Althof
The gnocchi is not to be missed.  The green ramps add an aromatic elegance to the lush brick-shaped pastas, and the milk-braised pork
is a perfect complement.  The cracklings, although an important textural component, might be a bit too dense.

The layered nuances of flavors and textures of the
salmon entrée incite the palette and evoke the feeling of something monumental.  The salmon
is surrounded in crisped skin, and rests atop a
plump potato pancake.  Perched above, lays a salad of shaved radishes.
Three columns of Porcini Rubbed Pork Tenderloins stake ground for the warm cannellini beans topped with crispy artichokes.  The
artichokes were lively bites on their own but less would have been more in combination with the beans.  The Chianti honey drizzle envelopes the
dish, completing the fresh interpretation to a meat and potatoes with gravy.
The desserts do not disappoint.  The panna cotta is composed with precision, covered with sliced almonds, rested on orange
sauce and garnished with fresh raspberries.
 The Blueberry Bread Pudding is served with a lemon basil sauce, orange creamsicle gelato
and waffle bits.  Whimsically conceived and thoughtfully executed, it is a complex and delicious ending to the meal.

Rachel Smith Althof

There has been a lot of talk circling Travertine, and rightly so.  Danae Cappelletto
and Executive Chef Manuel Treviño III
have a rock solid beginning to a
restaurant colossal.  The menu is based on high quality fresh ingredients and the
dishes allow for the flavors to stand on their own.
Among the choices of appetizers, one finds cornerstones such as
Calamari, Burrata
and Bone Marrow
.  The Bone Marrow’s presentation is structural and strong,
inviting the bold flavors of the
horseradish gremolata, kumquat and duck
marmalade, and black garlic crostini.