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Regiane Yuki Sabanai Presents
Adriana Ometto
Ometto Adriana was born in Sao Paulo, January 14,

She attended and graduated in Fine Arts from FAAP
in 2007.

She Participated on "February 13" at the
Exposing her work in "Open
Collection" for Isabella
Capeto and gallery Valoart.
She currently works in her
studio and offers private
lessons for image
processing. Adriana lives
and works in Sao Paulo.
In her work to note the
accumulation of layers that result in
a three-dimensional object, in
which layers of acrylic or glass
I once was told that my work could
be seen as a "time capsule".
Poetically, this definition captures
the essence of the work, which is a
sort of capsule, where they are
stored and accumulated
memories, feelings and
Even in paintings or prints or
digital illustrations you can also
see the same memory storage.
Inspiration comes  from the
ornamentations Renaissance,
through the modernist William
Moris and also by Klimt. Also,
anything that contemplates or
calls attention to, regardless of
where reference comes.
In all the work it can be seen
constructing images that overlap.
The issue of women and nature
is also evident, both by the
choice of material with
drawings, prints and
embellishments. The golden
glow and are also appellants
“ I believe we perceive through the art of
personal sensitivity. For me, it is all that
holds my attention and makes me stop and
reflect. And it usually happens by the
affective memory.
All that is precious to me, also inspires me.
Whether human or material.
I intend to continue doing my work,
searching and producing”.