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Regiane Yuki sabanai
Chris Billington
Strawberry Fields
Everything is Possible.

Working full time from my studio  on The Lizard peninsula, I pursue my art with an absolute
passion with a bold and experimental use of colour. I am continually exploring abstraction, with a
focus on the metaphysical rather than the physical, submitting myself entirely to the unknown yet
with an absolute faith and commitment to the power of abstraction. My aim is to stimulate emotion
by going beyond the limitations of predetermined ideas through painting. I paint in an instinctive
and impulsive way, always finding new ways of seeing and working, focused on a belief in
simplicity and colour and aiming for a balance and a sense of pictorial space. A space defined not
only by the picture’s structure but also it’s feeling, it’s sensation – my paintings are about energy.
With colour as the key factor, my work is informed as much by basic design ideas about colour
relationships as much as it is influenced by the mystical landscape, the reflective sea, and the
vibration of the pure light in Cornwall, the land that I grew up in.

Exhibitions to date include the UK, USA, Germany and Spain, with work in museums and private
collections worldwide.
Carn Marth
Harboring The LightPorthleven
Crows An Ra
Fandangos In Space
Gyllyngvase viii
Neon New York
White Island