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Born, lives and works in Turin, Italy. 53 Years old.  
A lover of art and photography, Marco tries to integrate the techniques you love In
most artists work.
He uis a painter and lover of Lego bricks,  his major work is to recreate the famous  
works of art and film through using the thmes and toys we all loved as children.  
After spending hours playing with small Lego bricks,  his great work is finished with a
perfect photographic retouching.
Revisiting the classics with humor, originality and modern edge while respecting the
past masters and contemporary artists.
The choice of topics is linked to his personal taste's in art.
Photography is one of the key factors in Marco's creative process.
The Marco Pece edition's recreate the works of famous painters and film makers,
using his Lego photos and images reproducing famous scenes from movies.

"This  is my last act of my being transcended by the images and toys of my youth. I
am fascinated by the emotions aroused by the masterpieces of painting and cinema.

Pece likes to think that his works are playful and loves bringing people the art of
great masters through this unique and fun medium .

"Everything flows from appropriating the world of art, to revitalizeing
and transforming its grandeur and pompous style in the simplicity and
directness of the message."

Enjoy it. (Like a child!!)
Regiane Yuki Sabanai
"Marco Pece"
Blues Brothers
Vermeer's Pearl Earing
Marilyn Monroe - Andy Warhol
Mona Lisa