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Painter renata EGreja
Presented By Regiane Yuki Sabanai
I'm afraid of death, this condition
worries me. I want to hire all the
energy to live in my work, the vital
energy that makes me love life, I
have the taste for life I'm drawing I
enjoy sex who want to send a
positive message of love life.
I work with body awareness, breathing,
movement, dance. I appeal to the colors
that come from my childhood, forms that
are natural for me, very exuberant forms,
light of my homeland. I'm gushing forms
on behalf of a search of vital energy and
light to share it with others. The painting
has the power to transform, to change
sorrow into joy. I think we should be
aware of what we throw in the world. For
my part, I want to throw color and light in
the world. So I really enjoy my work: I am
testing, I'm not afraid to delete things
before, things happen. The work is an
adventure in itself, I do not program,
each painting is a surprise every day.
This painting comes to me naturally, I
erase, I cover, I continue or not, things
One thing is certain, that it's
got to be a celebration. A
great paradox lies in the
idea of celebration is the
desire to catch the joy by
the hair and violently! Today
it is almost sacred to party,
there is nothing more
beautiful than to die at a
party. The trouble is the
highest! The painting is a
little drama to die in a giant
carnival. In my country as in
many others, the carnival is
sacred. It is Carne levare
that is to say, the
preparation for Lent. At this
point, anything is possible:
the values are reversed, the
poor become rich, the poor
rich, anything goes ... It is
an idea quite exuberant and