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A combination of ingredients brought together at just the right moment to create a state of equilibrium or equipoise. I have
been searching for balance like so many others do, in pursuit of this elusive hidden gem of knowledge I find that food plays a key
role in my search.

FOOD IS ENERGY: and certainly one of the key factors in trying to attain any strength and balance in life. Yet so many of us
consume the wrong types of foods to often.
How many times have you skipped breakfast or lunch and sailed through the day on nothing but coffee or a snack?
Then grabbing a quick dinner before you get home at your favorite restaurant or take out spot. New Yorkers are busy, work
schedules can be hectic and food can become a soothing treat or reward for a hard days work.
Oh those tasty fried foods the bread the pasta the rice the Pizza,
The list goes on and on of the things we eat and often eat to much of.

Rouge Tomate a restaurant on the upper east side of Manhattan 10 East 60th Street between 5th avenue and Madison avenue,
takes the idea of balance very seriously and
Creates a dining experience that leaves you satisfied without feeling guilty or to full to enjoy the rest of the evening.
Using a technique called S.P.E. Which is a nutritional charter developed by chefs and dietitians:  SPE® is an innovative approach
toward nutrition, transcending the idea of balanced eating to offer optimal nutrition that maintains, protects and strengthens the

Executive chef Jeremy Bearman took the time to stop by our table and give us an outline
Of his new approach to the ultimate modern American dining experience, with dishes that are  delicious and high in nutritional
In summary the restaurants philosophy is,

Sourcing: Selecting ingredients seasonally, locally, and with a focus on nutritional characteristics. Finding the best fish
vegetables and meats this city has to offer.

(Light on the meat though I believe there is only one meat dish on the menu)  
Moroccan Spiced Lamb Loin a la Plancha
Carrot-Saffron Purée, Black Kabuli Chickpea, Fresh Garbanzo, Sauce Vierge, Fava Bean this dish is so tender it almost melts in
your mouth.

Preparation: using specific cooking techniques that preserve the integrity and nutritional qualities of the ingredients.

Enhancement: optimizing the nutritional value by the synergy of product combination and menu diversity
Also on the menu we tried,

Maine Lobster Agnolotti
Honshimeji Mushroom, Fava Bean, Baby Carrot, Consommé

Market Oysters
Pineapple Mignonette, Crispy Ginger, Mint

Long Island Duck Terrine
Sicilian Pistachio, Foie Gras, House-made Pickles, Rhubarb, Sourdough Toast

Local Amish Chicken
Baby Violet Artichoke, Fingerling Potato, Dandelion, Banyuls Vinegar

Each dish out doing the next my guests and I were thrilled with the service
Of course the meal was served by our waiter Robert who is also a chef with years of fine dining experience and outlined
each dish with descriptive excellence.

To top off the perfect meal The Interior Design is outstanding with big open airy views of the entire restaurant with huge floor
to ceiling windows  looking out onto 60th street. Natural woods and materials make this bi level restaurant a visual knock out.
Rouge Tomate puts as much attention into the design of the restaurant as they do into the menu, combining lighting,
materials, sound and nature  the overall effect is fresh clean and comfortable.   
The Dress code is casual on Thursday night many couples and family's were dressed in what i call professional casual.
But the music is grooving and at the bar a group of fashion designers from Ralph Lauren were dressed in a funky
combination of styles, the head designer wore a denim jumpsuit with a crisp white t shirt another designer had shorts and a
polo shirt on, so my guess is as long as you look good you will be comfortable at this chic upper east side restaurant.
Finally i would like to thank Oscar and Spencer the managers and host's who of course both look like male models, for being
so attentive and generous.  
Oh yes the drinks, I almost forgot about the wonderful refreshing delicious drinks!!
Spiked Cucumber
Vodka, Cucumber, Dill, Lemon Juice

Cranberry Margarita
Tequila, Cranberry Purée, House-Made Triple Sec and Sour.

And a long list of natural non alcoholic drinks make Rouge Tomate a restaurant you have to try!
Rouge Tomate
10 East 60th Street
Between Madison and 5th Avenue
Parking 4 East 60th Street
Dining Reservations: 646-237-8977