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Power and Presence: Theo Westenberger’s
Portraits of Extraordinary Women
January 6 – 31, 2010
Reception: Thursday, January 7th from 6pm to 8pm
BROOKLYN, NY December 2009 –
A.I.R. Gallery is pleased to
announce Power and Presence: Theo Westenberger’s Portraits of
Extraordinary Women, an exhibition of 30 photographs. The
exhibition will be on view from January 6th through January 31st
2009 in Gallery I. The opening reception will be held on Thursday,
January 7th from 6pm‐ 8pm.
POWER and PRESENCE: Theo Westenberger’s Portraits of Extraordinary Women showcases the
trailblazer and feminist whose aesthetic and perspective resonated with both her subjects and
The show includes remarkable portraits of Ayn Rand, Barbara Eden, Bernadette Peters, Debra Winger,
Diane Keaton, Diane Lane, Diane Von Furstenberg, Dolly Parton, Elizabeth McGovern, Emma
Thompson, the Golden Girls, Grace Jones, Helen Gurley Brown, Helena Bonham Carter, Jaime Lee Curtis
and Janet Lee, Jennifer Aniston, Joan Rivers, Judy Collins, Lisa Bonet, Lily Tomlin, Liv Ullman, Mary
McCarthy, Paulina Porizkova, Rita Moreno, Rosie Perez, Sigourney Weaver, Sinead O’Connor, Sissy
Spacek, Susan Sarandon, and Whoopi Goldberg. They reflect beautifully the changing landscapes and
possibilities for women in their times.
Theo Westenberger (1950‐2008) became a very successful commercial photographer at a time when
woman in the field were scarce. Theo was the first female photographer to shoot the covers of
Newsweek and Sports Illustrated; and was a staff photographer for Life magazine.
In celebration of the exhibition, The Theo Westenberger Award for Extraordinary Women will be
granted to two artists, Kiki Smith and Glenda Wharton.
Kiki Smith is an American artist classified as a feminist artist, a movement with beginnings in the
twentieth century. Her Body Art is imbued with political significance, undermining the traditional erotic
representations of women by male artists, and often exposes the inner biological systems of females as
a metaphor for hidden social issues. Her work also often includes the theme of birth and regeneration,
sustenance, and frequently has Catholic allusions. Smith has also been active in debate over
controversies such as AIDS, gender, race, and battered women. Her work is included in major
collections such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tate Gallery, Solomon Guggenheim Museum,
Whitney Museum of Art, Art Institute of Chicago, and the Los Angeles Museum of Art, among others.
Meryl Streep(both prints in 16 x 20 white frames)- 1980
Jamie Lee Curtis and her mother Janet Leigh (21 x 24 ¾ black frame) -Life Magazine, 1989.
Ayn Rand
Liv Ullmann (21 x 24 ¾ black frame)-1979 for Look Magazine but I don’t
know which one was published
Rita Moreno (16 x 20 white frame)
Sissy Spacek (16 x 20 white frame)-1984.
Judy Collins (21 x 26 black frame)-Time 2003 I am not sure if the one
we are using was published
Joan Rivers (16 x 20 white frame)
Emma Thompson (signed print in plastic frame)
-People Magazine, 1993.
Ayn Rand (16 x 20 white frame)-1979 Done for an
article in LOOK Magazine