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Geir Inge Sorensen
Andre Henry
"To love beauty is to see light" - a quote by Victor Hugo captures the
quintessence of T.Roth's approach to photography. Since 2002 he lives in
New York from where his work ranges far beyond the confines of fashion and
advertising. "I like to capture the essence of my subjects and topics while
putting them in a dramatic context. My inspirations are getting nurtured by
music, literature, paintings and actually locations that I like to choose to set a
certain mood. One of the keys of creating is to let things happen.
T.Roth was born and grew up in Germany where at thirteen he started to film and to photograph. He studied visual
communication/photo-film-design and at the same time began to work in advertising and photojournalism. After graduation at the
Fachhochschule Bielefeld he moved to Paris where he immediately started to free-lance as a photo-assistant, first for Condé Nast and later in
the renowned Pin Up Studios. Here and in New York he was hired by some of the most reputable fashion, advertising and editorial-
photographers of our time (among them Patrick Demarchelier, Oliviero Toscani and Steve Hiett).

T.Roth's photography was published in Tatler Magazine, Marie-Claire, Cosmopolitan, AD Week, MR Magazine, El Pais Semanal, Libération,
Figaro, Jazz Magazine, URB Magazine, Dime Magazine. Since 2009 T.Roth has expanded into directing and video-production. He has worked
on a variety of advertising assignments including Time Life, Imclone, Young & Rubicam, Loewe and EMI and has collaborated on assignment
with a variety of fashion and life-style websites.
In 2003 the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C accepted T.Roths portfolio of the portrait-work of famous American Jazz-Musicians that
he established during his twelve years in Paris.
Abou Bacr
Taurus Sykes
Adrian Bruce
T.Roth began his work of boxer portraits in the summer of 2005 at
world-famous boxing gym Gleason's in Brooklyn, NY. Thorsten's portraiture
of each individual fighter is defined by the gym's captivating history and each
member's strong work ethic.
But also outside of Gleason's T.Roth spontaneously photographed such
professional boxers as Vladimir Klitschko, James Moore, Andy Lee, Samuel
Peter, Vivian Harris, Kermit Cindron, Edgar Santana and Maureen Shea, as
well as amateur fighters and other apprentices of the Sweet Science.
Every photograph seeks to reflect a common "fighter-spirit", and the will and
perseverance to extend one's own potential to its limits. Boxing couldn't be a
better analogy to the drama and tragedy of the human experience. It is T.
Roth's intention to capture the facets of this complex experience in his
portraits. For a fighter, real adversity is found not in facing his opponent, but
in the experience of his own boundaries.
John Douglas
Lumpia Rashim
Troy Scott
In her classic book, On Boxing, Joyce Carol Oates wrote, "Life is hard in the
ring, but there you only get what you deserve." Oates describes the mythological
attraction of the boxer to the fight -- the struggle within himself. In a discipline in
which any move can determine victory or defeat, present-moment awareness,
skills and discipline are crucial. Ultimately, however, the fighter's faith in himself
is his only hope.
Edgar Santana
Dave Nicholson
In October 2006 T.Roth participated in the Dumbo Art-Festival and had an
exhibition of his transcending portraits at Gleason's Gym.
In the summer of 2007 the boxing-brand EVERLAST featured him with his
photographs in their Magazine.

T.Roth himself is a member of Gleason's Gym and a practitioner of the "Sweet
Science". "On some level I have a natural tendency to integrate the authenticity
and intensity that I created in my boxer portraits into the rest of my work.
Besides photography and traveling boxing is one of the best ways that I have
found for myself to relax and have fun".
Ben Tacki
Conrad Delaleu
Manjie Couteh
Leon Taylor
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Thorsten Roth