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Collapsing Forward
Fire Patterning
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Over Time
RenewalI V
Burnt Fossils
Scrutiny 2
Ula Einstein
Swiss born multi-disciplinary self-taught artist, Ula is based in NYC.  In her
expanded art practice, both abstract and conceptual, she viscerally
engages a range of materials, and  images extracted from an array of
influences (spheres, lines, fossils, codes, arteries, the spine, skin, filters,
water, fire, air, traces, web, text, heiroglyphics, hybrid works organic and
synthetic). Using the inspiration of the material’s quality as a starting point,
the urge to change, advance, or conceal, as the particular work takes
form, stretches materials beyond their original purpose
With gesture, drawing out, and layering, material and
process, revelatory of each other; making is part of the
content. Her installations – set fragments created in the
studio, are reconfigurated in each exhibition.  Further
stretching the work, Einstein explores the paradox of
substance/fragility, shadow/light, rupture/repair, empty/full.
CREATIVITY COACHING:  Express It Forward, Founder.  Alongside my expanded art practice, I am a facilitator
of creativity coaching – using hybrid tools and teachings, my mission is catalyzing creativity-in-motion.
Everywhere in the USA.  Free 1/2 hr. initial phone consultation.