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One day, way back when, Victor was taking sky
divers upwards to 11,000 ft in his Hot Air Balloon.
After letting them jump out he
mistakenly thought a
prison was a high school from a mile up (true story)
and landed in it. Upon landing, the situation became a
joke and fortunately the warden did not press charges
Soon after Victor decided to sell the balloon and he
started traveling. The photography simply followed.
In his travels through 63 countries Victor Spinelli has
visually documented cultures, religions, landscapes and
people. After becoming an Eagle Scout and obtaining a
Bachelors of Arts degree in Architecture at the
University of Buffalo he started this balloon business
and the rest is history.
For the past 15 years he has split his time between New
York, the Mediterranean and California and has evolved
into a multi-media artist by working on films, commercials,
music videos, documentaries and print campaigns. After
working for three summers in Mykonos, Greece
photographing the island life, he was drawn to another
island in the Mediterranean: Ibiza, Spain.
His documentation of the Ibizan nightlife has since been
published in his first book ‘Manumission Reflections’. In
2002 Pacha’s Music Director, Danny Whittle calls it “the
best photographs work to come out of Ibiza in 10 years”.
Spinelli also received a great personal compliment about
his first book from Director/Writer Quentin Tarantino. For
two years Spinelli served as the principle photographer
for the islands largest magazine, ‘The Best of Ibiza’.
Several portraits of the Aristocratic Italian
Chigi Family are on permanent display at
the Museum-Palazzo Chigi di Ariccia in
Lazio, Italy.

Victors has had commercial success with
clients like, HBO, NBC, 20th Century Fox,
Law & Order, A&E Biography, Harman Pro
Audio, Peavey Guitars, The Travel
Channel, MusicJustMusic, Pacha, the
Argentinean ski resort of Las Leñas, and
the Italian Trade Commission.
Since 2007 Victor has successfully
steered his company, Camera Verité
LLC into an expanding distribution
base of over 30 countries and with
such commercial success on such a
cultural level his images have become
engraved into our 21st century society.
His latest book, ‘Camera Verité’ was
just published in December
Several museum shops are now selling
Victor’s work including The Museum of
Modern Art (MUMOK) in Vienna,

In 2009 a dive into the apparel market
was taken and the company www. was created.
Victor’s photographs & brand are now
displayed on hats and t-shirts and the
distribution network for this new
endeavor now encompasses the entire
USA. He teamed up with two partners
on this project and they own the patent
in 40 countries of a hidden pocket on
the inside of the hats.
Galleria Portoportiani, Mykonos,
Greece 1997
Vail Library, Vail, Colorado 1998
Belmont Lounge, New York 1999
Galleria Ikebana, Ibiza, Spain 2001
Enigma, Ibiza, Spain 2001
Café De Ville, New York
Ocean Brewing Company, Laguna
Beach, California 2003
The Bedroom, Ibiza, Spain 2005
Duncan Miller Gallery, Hollywood, 2005
Ibiza Spring Art Show, Ibiza, Spain 2006
Earth2Mars Exhibition, NYC May 2006
Museo-Palazzo di Ariccia. Lazio, Italy.
2006- Permanent collection
Exposure Gallery, Palm Springs, CA
Tracy Park Gallery, Mailbu Oct
205 Club, NYC 2009
Victor is represented by:

The Tracy Park Gallery,
Malibu, California &

Gregg Stallings @
Victors photographs
have been published in:

National Geographic
Sette Magazine
Company Magazine UK
VH-1 Channel
Lonely Planet
Razor Magazine
Harpers Bazaar
Heat Magazine
Sugar Magazine
In Touch Weekly
Cosmo Girl Magazine
Soap Opera Weekly
In Style
Harpers & Queen
Chat magazine
Roadshow Magazine
Entertainment Weekly
La Semaine
Blender Magazine
Star magazine
Hollywood Reporter
Beat Leg Magazine