The New York Optimist Columnists
Arts Editor, Stephan Fowlkes, gives us a
unique perspective on the New York Art
scene. Concentrating in Chelsea and Soho,
Stephan takes us on a weekly "crawl"
through the
galleries of New York City
Perched atop the Austrian Mountains.
Alexander Viscio brings the New
York Optimist a wealth of art from abroad
as well as the United States. Check out
stable of artists at:
Ellie Robyns, is the New York Optimist,
weekly travel and leisure writer. Check out
what Ellie says are the places to visit,
whether its across the country or maybe
even in the
comfort of your own home.
John Ryder is a licensed psychologist and
hypnotherapist in private practice. He lives
and works in the heart of New York City.
He has dedicated his life to understanding
the interrelationship of mind, body and
spirit studying psychology, philosophy,
science, medicine, art and nature.
Eve, is one of our staff writers @ The New York
Optimist, coming from an editorial point of view
The New Yorker
Bizarre New York Experience
New York Shopping Frenzy
Jillianann, Model, Musician, Artist. Jillianann
is a contributing writer offering real life editorials
Part II The Transition
Jillian Ann: B is for Balance
A New Pyramid
Artist, photographer, Selda Baskaya.
Contributing fashion writer.

2008 Fashion
2009 Fashion
Publisher John Sebastian Is The New York Optimist.
Constantly scouring the city for fine dining, music,
educational subjects, travel places, real estate, current
events and of course art! art! art!
Mission Statement
Staff Writer:
Staff Writer:
Staff Writer:
Contributing Writer:
Staff Writer, Tola Brennan, give The
New York Optimist a little of everything.
Music, DVD, Concert & Festival news.
Check out Tola's column
for whats hot in
New York
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The New York Optimist
Famous Author Penelope Przekop brings
Readers a weekly dose of her book
The Art Virgin and Boundaries.
Entertaining and educational Penelope's
writing will give you a better understanding
of what it means to be an artist   
Kaliopy is our curator in Australia bringing
our readers artists, musicians, writers,
in Australia and globally
With in depth interviews  Kaliopy offers readers a
peek into the minds and hearts of these gifted
people and a little insight into why and how they do
what they do.   
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