I am a STRATEGIST - removing obstacles
and promoting achievement with balance
and harmony

My Mission:

I believe we are all here to learn about life
and ourselves. Our quest for fulfillment
requires that we gain the knowledge and
skills to adapt to life, cope effectively with
challenges and master our opportunities to
achieve our potentials. I am here to help
you through this process successfully. I
listen carefully; together we analyze your
situation and then I offer you intelligent
advice on resolving problems and reaching
goals. My practice is focused on finding
the fastest solutions by utilizing a holistic
approach to facilitate change.


Licensed Psychologist in New York State.

Certified Hypnosis Consultant, American
Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Ph.D. in Psychology from City University
of New York

Served as an Assistant Professor at
Mt.Sinai Medical Center, C U N Y .

Diplomate Psychotherapy Institute Harvard
Medical School.

Author with over 2 dozen academic and
human interest articles, and two books.
Positive Directions

Corporate Consultant and achievement

World traveler who visited more than 40

Extensive study of Eastern philosophy and

Practicing meditation from the age of

Member of American Psychological

Member of New York Academy of

Member of American Society of Clinical

Elected Professional of Who's Who of

My Message to You:

"I love my work and do it conscientiously.
I am confident the tools I offer will help
you explore your life and potentials more
accurately to overcome obstacles and
reach your goals. With my help you can
replace any negative programs in your
mind or bad feelings in your body with
positive ones to reach your peak
performance and optimal health. I teach
people to decrease stress and increase
success, learn how to eliminate anxiety,
fear, anger, guilt, jealousy or depression.
Develop your confidence, self control,
learn to relax and let go. This approach is
art of Shifting Polarities, based on the book
I have just written."

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Dr. Ryder's Biography
What Is Optimism?  by John Ryder, Ph.D.                                                       

Whatever optimism is, we definitely need a lot of it now.  It is like the electricity in the wiring that makes everything
work.  The important question is how to generate more of this good stuff?  Becoming optimistic is not just seeing the
'glass half full.'  There is actually a right way and wrong way of being optimistic.  The typical notion is that you are
supposed to be positive, see the silver lining, ignore the bad things going on and then your attitude will bring on the
good things.  Wrong.  The truth is that being blindly optimistic is more likely to lead
to failure rather than success.
Why Turkeys Don’t Fly

by John Ryder, Ph.D.

Perhaps turkeys can fly, but they prefer to walk to feel grounded?  Actually, I have seen wild turkeys take to flight,
not very far and not very high.  I guess that made them easy to hunt even with the primitive muskets the pilgrims used
when they landed in New England a long time ago.  They do make a good and plentiful meal.  That is probably how
turkeys became the classic fair for our Thanksgiving.  The concept of this holiday actually goes back to the earliest
days of civilization where people gave thanks for a bountiful harvest.  Today, Thanksgiving has lost much of its
important meaning because we are so far removed from the “harvest” part and have not had a major problem
obtaining food for many generations.  This year is different, with the economic troubles and threats of things getting
worse, we must stop to reflect and consider what makes us grateful, what can we say “thank-you” for and what can
we do to safeguard our future.
The Rebirth of Optimism – Obamaism

The remarkable victory of Barak Obama is the best testimony for the rebirth of
optimism.  He is going to inherit a nation with many serious problems and yet
unlimited potential.  For President Obama to continue overcoming the challenges
and promoting our progress, he will require that we all keep the spirit of
optimism alive
and well in each of our lives.  
John Ryder, Ph.D.

“The Mental Fitness Guru”

What’s crazy about jealousy?

Most of us experience a pang of jealousy once in a while, but others live with it day and night.  Sometimes it is
aroused by the other person who is overtly crossing lines and even trying to evoke envy or jealousy.  More often, a
person may express a great deal of jealousy without any provocation which is when it is over the top.   

Diagnosis: Envy and jealousy are very natural feelings in a mild form when they become the focus of attention and
very intense, then we have a serious problem.  This represents feelings of anger about territoriality, even if the
concerns are legitimate these emotions are toxic.  

Treatment: If these feelings are the result of the other person’s unacceptable behavior, then resolution depends on
establishing comfortable boundaries.  If these feelings are unprovoked, first you can  confront the illusions, then the
envy or jealousy must by reversed and replaced by the polar opposite feelings.  This begins with demanding respect,
followed by more generosity, graciousness, gratitude and tolerance.  

“The Mental Fitness Guru”

What’s crazy about entitlement?

There is a growing trend in our society to feel deserving of more and more.  When this attitude begins to interfere
with normal life, psychologists refer to this as part of a narcissistic personality disorder, especially when it becomes
grandiose and exaggerated.  What exactly are the borders, where do you leave normal self preoccupation and when
does it become an unreasonable sense of entitlement?  

From the day you were born you have  constantly measured what you get against what you have put in.  Your mind
is designed to be sensitive to this energy economy, whether the exchange you are making is fair or not.  This question
applies to anything like  money, attention, love, or work.  I am sure that you have encountered plenty of people with a
ridiculous sense of entitlement, “I deserve, give me!” With no appreciation.
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Coping With Holiday Stress

The holiday season has many lovely qualities, but it also brings additional
demands.  To make this a really nice and happy time of year you must learn to
juggle like you would in a three ring circus, which is what the holidays often feel

We will all survive the holidays, so there is no need to panic or indulge in the
blues.  There are a few things to keep in mind to make them easier.  These are
the “Rules of the Road” for dealing with holiday stress and the basic exercises
for your mind to grow stronger and more flexible.  

Reality Check – consider exactly how bad are your problems;
Making New Year’s Resolutions Heavier

What is the best way to welcome a New Year?  Obviously, it is an excellent occasion to celebrate the end of one year
and beginning of the next.  Popping a few corks, dancing, cheering and congratulating each other seems most
appropriate.  However, we cannot forget the importance of making resolutions about important things to change in the
New Year.  

This is the start of something fresh since 2009 never existed before, it will give birth to countless new events that
otherwise would remain only potentialities.  That is one of my favorite words: “Potential” something that could become
a reality under the right conditions.   
The New York Optimist
February 2009
Do Not Forget This on VALENTINE'S DAY

Do we need an excuse to have a day for love and romance, shouldn’t it be an everyday routine?  The problem is that
any ritual we repeat everyday becomes less dramatic and less special over time.  We probably need a Valentine's Day
every month to help people refocus on the positive aspects of what it means to be loving, romantic, and bestowing
tender care to one another