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Mel Merio
Uh oh!!! its another complete vacation for the
mind  when singer and musician elodieO took
the happy party people at Leroyale on a
complete vacation performing her new CD
Stubborn live. This club is now officially my
favorite place to see music, dark and moody
with mirrored walls and a kick ass sound
system this two floor gem nestled on the
corner of Leroy street and Seventh Avenue in
the West Village is hosting some of the hottest
and most talented
Sonia Montez

New York music
scene queen, Bella
Saona, and her band,
Fire and Reason.
Souled Out on Sunday
By Tola Brennan

While standing in the audience, I get into that horrible state of mind where as
soon as something good happens, I start waiting for it to get bad again, and thus
invalidate my peachy reaction. This is the result of too many disappointments. I
can’t avoid it. If I hear a couple impressive songs, I start getting excited, and
then, BANG. I lose. Everything turns lame. I have to keep my guard up and not
get too invested. I can’t trust the music to be splendiferous because it usually isn’
t. So, keep in mind that I have this annoying complex which always causes me to
be unimpressed.
Two weeks ago, Conor Oberst played a few nights in a row at Terminal 5. If you’re
wondering who Conor Oberst is (and you shouldn’t be, considering as everyone
should know about him; but, just in case), here is a short illumination. Conor
Oberst is the band leader and singer/songwriter of the band Bright Eyes. The
group has pretty much always been Conor Oberst with a back-up band, since
around 1996, when they first started. Since that time, they’ve released a
Fire and Reason
Publishers pick of the week, Pink Floyd, Echo's, Live at Pompeii.
Lori DeJesu
Audio Street. One the best little
known sources for downloads.
Check em out.
Streaming Music at DeadZone Radio
Publishers Pick Of the Week. Check
out our picks from rare performances
of todays Rock Idols
The New York Optimist
Providence, R.I.-native Jenn Vix spent much of her teenage years as a
runaway in New York City before settling back in her home state to pursue a
career in music. The singer finally connected with a guitarist and released her
The Graduates soundtrack, free!, please help The graduates and The New York Optimist, in sending free copies of the soundtracks to military personel around the world.
The Graduates soundtrack, free!, please help The graduates and The New York Optimist, in sending free copies of the soundtracks to military personel around the world.
The Graduates soundtrack, free!, please help The graduates and The New York Optimist, in sending free copies of the soundtracks to military personel around the world.
Jane Silence
Jane Silence
Jane Silence, formerly known as Ladylovely, is an electronic musical
force to be reckoned with. Her debut EP,"The Ladylovely EP",
released December 2008, introduces her atmospheric sound written
with a pop sensibility. Her ethereal vocal presence is showcased in
haunting, infectious soundscapes.

Jane Silence (real name Julia Fragias) is a native of NYC and
Kefallonia, Greece. She has been performing in a variety of capacities
since the age of four with classical training in dance, music, and
theater. She is the former front woman of dream pop band, Tragic
Sense (2001-2003) and "rocktronic" project,
Mirenzi,official website
Kim Garrison

Born and raised in a small beach city in
Southern California, Kim moved to San
Francisco after graduating from USC
intending to pursue a graduate degree in
Transpersonal Psychology when she found
herself with a guitar in hand, deciphering
the enigmatic sounds she could hear ever
so slightly, digging their way out of her
She moved to New York City in the spring
of 2007 where she began performing solo
nearly every week at venues in the Lower
East Side and soon after assembled a band
with fellow San Francisco expiates. After
their second show, studio time was
Franco Antonio Mirenzi (1959), composer,
has improved his own music skills with Aldo
Clementi and Salvatore Sciarrino after getting the
diploma in organ, organ composition and music

He has made a name for himself firstly as an organ
concert artist and then as a music teacher.

Franco Antonio Mirenzi composes with no limits of
music genres and styles.

His orchestral compositions are commissioned,
published, performed and appreciated in Italy and

Since 1992 he has been teaching Elements of
composition for music didactics at Santa Cecilia

Since 2003 Exemption has been
carving its name into the Long Island
scene one show at a time. Combining
precision, ferocity, soul, and skill,
Exemption has managed to create a
sound all their own that fans of
anything under the Rock and Roll roof
can appreciate. Not concerned with
CHARETTA is a female-fronted alternative rock band from New York City.  The band
unofficially began in January 2007 when Pablo LaFrossia (guitar) and Adonis Sanchez (drums) - both
veterans of the New York City rock scene, decided to start a new project.  Their search for a singer
began and ended quickly with the discovery of Angelina Del Carmen (vocals), who had recently
relocated to New York City from her hometown of Kansas City, Missouri.   The three immediately
began writing new material
and they performed their first official live
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"Bella Saona, is a singer and model with Paraguayan and Brazilian roots. She is a is a self-taught artist who began her career at age 14 and honed
her craft playing in different clubs and festivals inNew York, Miami, Los Angeles and the UK with her former band"The Fire and Reason"
In 2011 she managed to get signed by the record label of dance, music Ultra Records. She then worked with producer Sandy Vee,
Grammy Award winner and renowned DJs / British producers Bare Noize. His songs "Do it Again" and "Off With Their Heads" have appeared on MTV reality shows and on the show "NCIS: Los Angeles".
Bella has been awarded the coveted "New Now Next Award" by the distinction of "artist on the
brink of fame" of the LOGO television beating artists like Lykkie Li, Morningwood, Ladyhawke and Sam Sparro. The winner last year was none other than Lady Gaga. She is currently working with
producer Laroc Cartier and several other producers in New York on her new album ... »  Texto sustraído de:
http://www.sad-bastard-music.com/2014/08/bella-saona-next-life.html  You can also find
Bella here
https://www.facebook.com/BellaSaonaMusic https://www.facebook.com/bellaandthebeast         https://twitter.com/bellasaona       http://instagram.com/officialbellasaona  
Interview With Independent Recording
Artist "Dayme"

TNYO: Hello Dayme,  Your music sounds like
an eclectic mix of Jazz, Blues and modern pop
there is also a french creole edge to some of the
songs I have heard recently.
Can you tell us a little bit about your music in

DAYME: Funny that you mention French
Creole… ...