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Creation and Destruction, 24”x 29”, oil on board, 2011
Transfusion, 40"x 26", oil on paper mounted on board,
"Mana Force"  28x51" oil on cradleboard
Cover Pioneer Valley News
Earth, Skin, Blood, Water, 32x38",
The Past, Future, and Particle Colliders
I have had the fortunate experience recently to view my work through new eyes. This fresh perspective is through the eyes
of Science. I have always thought of my work as Spiritual but as my awareness and interest unfolded I realized that
science is interested and asking the same questions I am exploring in my own artistic investigations.
I have found the natural unfolding of my work to be
at times eerie in the way my past interests connect with my future interests.

Here is one recent example…….a few years ago I went to China
to work with the Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai
to present a project called “ Eye to Eye”.

When I arrived home I became even more obsessed with eye imagery and did some really beautiful eye portraits. Right now I
am really passionate about doing a collaboration with a scientist and eventually visiting either the Large Hadron Collider
(LHC) at CERN (Switzerland) or the Fermilab collider detector here in the USA.

Particle collider detectors are the eyes scientists use to visualize the smallest building blocks of nature. It is quite amazing!

Here are photos of the particle colliders at both CERN and Fermilab side by side with my eye paintings
Quantum Orb Stream or Cosmic Orb Steam
Alicia Hunsicker
Alicia Hunsicker lives in a remote hilltown in Western Massachusetts. Her mountain top studio is surrounded
by nature and provides her with a constant source of inspiration. From an early age she felt the calling to be
an artist. She attended the University of Massachusetts where she received a BFA in Printmaking with a
Graphic Design focus. After graduating she moved to Southern Vermont where she learned photography
while working at a photo processing lab. While she enjoyed photography, printmaking, and her graphic
design work she was still searching for the right medium to express herself when she turned to painting. Self
taught as an oil painter she has experienced much success. She has won numerous grants and fellowships
for excellence in painting. In 2008 she traveled to present a collaborative project called “Eye to Eye” to the
Zendai Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai, China. It was one of two projects that she participated that was
accepted into the “Intrude Art: 366 Exhibition”. Both projects are now included in the Zendai MoMA’s
permanent collection. Her work has attracted many collectors and so is included in numerous private
Articles about her and her art work have been published in many print magazines, newspapers, and online
magazines, The most recent being Artscope magazine, Meat for Tea: The Valley Review, and
Superconsciousness Magazine.
Hunsicker’s recent work has led her in a new and unexpected direction. She had always considered her
work spiritual so it was a poignant realization that the concepts she was exploring in her work were closely
related to ones that the scientists have been exploring.
She is interested in discovering what it would encompass to be an artistic translator on the cusp of new
scientific discoveries that explore how our world works, was created, and how it expands. Particularly drawn
to concepts being explored in Theoretical Physics, she feels that artistic expression can help bridge a better
understanding of these concepts.
She is actively searching for science partners to collaborate with.

Hunsicker is known for her depth of vision, highly refined imagery, technical skill, and use of color. Over the
past decade, she has actively shown her work throughout New England as well as internationally. She is
currently represented by Gallery in the Woods of Brattleboro, VT.

To find out more about the artist and her work visit
I am an oil painter, but often include a variety of processes and mediums in my work. To
translate my ideas into preliminary “sketches” I use current digital photographic
techniques and software. Once I have arrived at a composition I feel passionate about, I
experiment with black and white Xeroxing to play with scale, and then decide what will
deliver the strongest impact. Taking a trip back to my roots as a printmaker, I apply the
“sketch” onto my work surface using an acrylic transfer process. I am left with a back and
white image on which I establish an initial layer of acrylic color. From here I build up
surface with oil paint using traditional techniques. My process opens up exploration into
concept, imagery, and paint application, which allows me to grow and discover along the

I aim for transformative compositions that recontextualize the inner structures of the
human body and which exposes them in colorful, alluring abstracted landscapes. These
paintings draw the viewer into a thoughtful world where we are asked deep and
meaningful questions and where we are shown the exquisite fragility of life. Originally
evolving from the idea of a moment in time where thought is transformed into matter,
these paintings capture not only the energy of creation but also of decay. I am fascinated
by nature's repeating patterns and see these forms as part of a cosmic language that link
humanity to the Divine and that shows our interconnectedness.