I was born in a small town Puławy in Poland. I have an artistic heritage. My grandfather was a painter, father a sculptor (Ludwik Sandecki Art on
fb). As a child I often observed how my dad worked, how takes a piece of wooden block and creates figures, faces etc. We often talked about
art, religion, music and life. My father was buying tons of albums with paintings and sculptures... I was surrounded by sculptures, masks,
crucifixes...often helped my father to finish sculptures, using chisels, sandpaper, next linseed oil and other mixtures made by my dad to finish his
art works. (Unfortunatelly my dad died two months ago...)

So after I finished Primary School I chose Secondary School of Art in Nałęczów, next I graduated High School of Art in Lublin - specialisation;
sculpture and graphic art. But more often I reached for a brush and oils. I started to create my own world. In my art I want to show beauty of
nature, flowers, meadows, butterflies which life is so short but give people joy, happines if they stop for a moment and look at them. I often paint
in my garden surrounded by plants, smell of flowers, rustle of butterflies' wings and song of birds. This world is ideal, without wars, where always
is peace, people are good and friendly like angels. I also paint acts and portraits, still lifes and landscapes. But especially I interested in abstract
painting where imagination plays particular part. Now I'm starting to paint girls-butterflies and angels on canvas but also on wooden boards. This
connexion between person and e.g butterfly has specific significance. It shows that we all are mortal and our life is so fragile, each moment has
importance. We look at butterflies and think...oh...they are living so short and after moment our life is going out...It is sad but my paintings aren't
sad at all. , because life is beautiful. So transition, passing away is interesting me especially.

For ten years I lived with my husband in Warsaw where we cooperated with Publishing Houses, making illustrations to school books. After that
we came back to our family town Puławy near Kazimierz Dolny (city of artists and full of galleries). One year ago I opened my own Gallery in
Puławy where I presents my paintings. My works are in private collections in Netherlands, USA, Germany. I'm also working as an art teacher.
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Anna Sandecka Lakocy
Oil on canvas 'The forest' 60x80
oil on canvas 'Maki's private collection
Oil + surface treated with "Meadow (3)"
private collection
Oil on canvas surface treated with 'Maki ' 80x60 cm private collection
Oil on canvas, 30x50
Oil on canvas 'Seduction'
Oil on canvas 'Camomiles'